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All Welcome Family Life

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Family Life

After a few hours of border patrol (via her favored avian form in shift), Frigga returned home and resumed her wild dog shape. She'd found nothing exciting, but that was becoming the norm. She wouldn't have it any other way. A nice, boring family life sounded like exactly what she needed. As she was about to enter the house, Frigga saw her cougar daughter stumbling towards her -- through the doorway and out to greet her.

"Mama!" Jorunn called out, giggling. It was one of the many words she'd mastered. Of course, her conversational skills were nonexistent.

Frigga chuckled at the sight, warmth flooding her when Jorunn snuggled into her foreleg. "How have you been, baby? Would you like to stay outside for a little with me?"

"Yah!" Jorunn replied, forgetting to answer the first question. Excited, she launched away from her mother and began to run circles in the sand, occasionally tripping only to giggle, get back up, and keep playing.

OC: A little family thread for Frigga and the kiddos and really any Dames, if they want. Jorunn is present with Frigga. No posting order please. :D

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RE: Family Life

Regalia didn't need a reason to visit Frigga, but this time she actually had one. To see the cubpups she'd had. She'd missed the birth, but Frigga's scent had told her all she needed to know. So, she was herding Canute over (because playdate, duh) when Dagrun caught up to them. "Is this a private party?" he'd asked. Regalia had laughed and invited him along. He was growin' way too fast.

Canute dragged his feet as he followed. He didn't wanna go, but he also didn't wanna stay at home. So, he went, hoping it would be interesting. If nothing else, maybe there would be food. As they arrived -- with mama greeting their aunt -- his ears pinned at the sight of the very young cub. Was he gonna be expected to play with it?

"Aw," Dagrun cooed when he saw the youngster frolicking. "Ain't that cute?"

OC: Post contains Canute, Regalia, and Dagrun.


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RE: Family Life

Xewk Lanġas

Tell me somethin', girl,
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?

Xewk had been at home while Frigga was out. He was a first time parent of little kids, and with most first time parents… he hovered, a bit. But he felt his hovering was justified, they were young and little and could possibly get into danger… plus they were adorably cute. He heard Frigga return, and Jorunn’s excited voice. Hearing them interact made him incredibly happy. He let Frigga feel his feelings via Link making sure not to overwhelm her with them. But he felt happy, he loved his family and wanted to spend all his time with them. He had been laying down next to Leif while he slept. Leif was… a bit needy of a child. He seemed to prefer to be around either Frigga or him at all times. Perhaps he was shy? "Leif… time to get up.” He cooed at the boy who was curled up asleep next to him. He heard Leif give a noise of disapprovement. Obviously he disagreed with waking up fully. Xewk chuckled slightly, "Leif… mama is home.”

Leif heard that and his ears perked up as his eyes opened. He yawned and then squealed out happily as he moved as fast as he could to the front door, "Mamaaaaa!” Leif had a few favorite words, that was one of them.

Xewk couldn’t help but smile in amusement at this. ”He really loves his mama, so cute.”

Leif walked out the front door and saw his mama. "Mama!” His tail wagging wildly as he attempted to nuzzle himself against Frigga’s leg much like a feline. It was only then when he saw new people and his tail stopped wagging and his ears tilted down. He then attempted to crawl underneath Frigga to hide from the new people. He spoke softly, "no..” He didn’t like new people, new people were scary.

Xewk was watching everything and chuckling softly to himself. Seemed as though Leif was not up for meeting new people. He activated Link and affectionately spoke to Frigga, "Such a shy little boy.” Xewk then nodded and smiled to Regalia and her little group. "Hello everyone. Here for a little playdate with the kiddos?” He wasn’t sure how well that would go over with Leif though.

"Talk here."

Xewk has a brand of a ♅ on his right hind leg. He has a large claw scratch scar on the length of his neck. His vocal chords are permanently messed up due to it and they frequently get re-injured if he is exercising too much, speaking too much, or being too loud vocally. While he still maintains a Maltese accent his voice is gravely and rough. He is also missing the tip of his tail.


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