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Sticky Situation

Lucious Malfoy

Are you ready for a perfect storm

Lucious was getting used to the sand still.

If given the chance, he'd rather have a different land - a land that didn't get sand everywhere. He was pretty sure that he would be able to make another beach soon. He couldn't lay down without the sand getting all over him. They were royalty and yet, it seemed like the sand didn't care. How could something that wasn't even sentient not care was beyond him. He didn't make all of the rules. His head was lowered, his ears pressed against his head as he moved toward the borders. It had been so long since he had to care about maintaining up appearances. Though, it wasn't like he had ever given up being everything that he was. He moved until he was at the borders, pausing for a second as he attempted to gather what was around him.

Finding nothing truly out of the ordinary, Lucious moved to a different location. He'd pause here and there, marking what he could with his scent. He could feel the sand hitting his belly from each step that he took and he tried to be more careful.

It didn't seem to matter.

Because the sand gleefully attempted to attach itself to him and Lucious was ready to put fire upon it. It was rather irritating however, the golden cat was a Malfoy and he wasn't going to stoop so low to throw a tantrum. He was just going to think what he would like to do and mourn the fact that he wasn't able to do it. "Talk. Talk. Talk."

Cause once you’re mine there’s no going back


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