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All Welcome Wither




Katia Savio

Katia looked around, marveling Mojave Tundra. She had been here but once before today long ago. It had been winter then, as it was now...or had it been? Though her body had long since stopped aging, her mind withered. Her memory, rather than growing empty as time went on, had long since become too full. She had little recollection of what encounter where was her own...or that of a stranger that had passed through the area some time prior via Psychometry. By giving up on making any worthwhile connections within the mortal plane, she had in essence given up on it and therefore detached herself from it. Reality was little more than a painful reminder of what she yearned for. Thus she sought an escape; today was the day she finally gave in to that infernal urge. She’d left the Kingdom without a word, certain that no one would notice nor care about her disappearance.

Her breath fogged in the air. Her ribcage therein ached, asthmatic airway straining. Her lungs were gradually becoming more and more inflamed because, try as they might, there was simply no way either of them could hydrate the air enough for her to readily absorb it. She shivered. Her oxygen count was dropping. She was beginning to hyperventilate. It was too cold— if she stayed her for long she would perish.Laying down, she closed her eyes, welcoming sleep with open arms even though she knew full well that she would never wake up again.

- exit via death -

Psychic: 0/2 — Fire: 0/2 — Light: 0/5 — Air: 0/2 — Divination: 0/15
Chameleon: 0/1 — Wings: 0/1 — Whispering Flames: 0/1
Grapple: 0/1

Inhale the future; exhale the past


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RE: Wither

"Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?"

There I was, alone, walking through unfamiliar terrain without any reasons to be there in the first place. Maybe i was seeking some peace, time to think and reflect over things that had happened to me in this moment of my life. I was part of a family, one that despite not sharing blood ties with me, had been accepting, allowing me to be on their circle. Something years ago was impossible, a fantasy that would never become true. Back then I feared everyone, every contact was a terrifying experience, one that I prefer to be away from.

But even after several weeks from that day, i was still wary of them, i didn't trust them at all. I had my insecurities, my reasons to question the veracity of their feelings. Did they really want me as their sister? Were they really caring for my well being? I was a stranger, someone who just came to their life. There were plenty of reasons for them to be fake, to act fake. And as i thought about that a wave of fear and loneliness took over me, I started to feel empty again. Despite being nearly three years of age, my old negative self was far from gone, sadness was far from fading. It became my shadow, my companion and i knew how much harm it could bring but being honest i never tried to detach from it, i wasn't actively giving it an end. Being within its gasp for all my childhood and beyond made me feel dependent of it, like a pup with its mother.

As i walked through this Tundra, at the distance I spotted a body lying on the cold floor. My ears flattened as in a cautious way i approached. Using my nose to guide my way. And soon i found myself four feet from it. It had n appearance i couldn't recognize. But its scent was of the kingdoms. "Hello? Are you okay?" I asked, i was a healer and i knew my task was to make sure one was okay. But as i attempted to press my hear on its chest i heard nothing, no pulse, dead silence. My ears flattened as i sat down, my heart was sinking. Even if i never saw them before, i couldn't help but feel pity, shameful. Guilt came after the guilt of coming too late. If i had come earlier i could have tried to help them. I felt stupid, an excuse for a healer. I rose my head, feeling tears coming down my cheeks, All I could do was to howl for them, howl for their departure. I howled, i howled to the skies. At the max of my lungs. I sang for them, for their soul. "Farewell..." I whispered as i closed my eyes, wanting to take a minute of silence for them.

"Can you see me?"

Yurei has a necklace with a golden chain and a black stone as a pendant. It is infused with healing magic.

Due to Yurei's depression issues, her posts would hold many hard topics like depression and suicide(in some cases) so be aware when threading with her.


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