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Kjarik Dame-Fritjov

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

Today has been such a great day for me, I payed on the beach, I searched fir shells and bugs at the palms that joined the white sand. This place has always been stunning and full of things to do, but the inner regions of the land were also great to satisfy my endless wish to see the bugs. But more than the bugs, the plants that adorned my home were a great entertainment for me, I deeply wanted to learn the arts of the gardening, something I could see myself doing when the time came. Many could say it is boring, but not for me as since I was a child plant life has become one of my passions. I couldn't help but want to learn more about them, about what they can do and maybe someday use them for helping others.

But now, at dusk I was a bit tired. But part of me wanted to stay and keep bathing myself in the wonderful world I had upon my eyes. I wanted to keep doing what I loved, but maybe I could keep doing so tomorrow. I could and I would do it. As I started to take my way back to my parent's house, I could see a moth slowly landing over my nose. And I stared at it with both curiosity and wonder, like if I was watching the greatest of treasures just inches from my eyes.

But as soon as it came it left , flying away until it went lost into the growing darkness. I turned my mismatched eyes to the horizon, which was painted in pink an snake red and the sun slowly sank until no more of it could be seen. "Thank you!" I wanted to thank life for such opportunity to see these wonders once again.

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