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Questions about adoptables and puppies
Regarding adoptables and other things

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Questions about adoptables and puppies

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2019, 03:54 PM by Silverfrost.)

I have a question regarding adoptables and other things.


What is and isn't allowed as an adoptable? Are only puppies allowed as adoptables or, for example, say Avinalora has a sister or nieces off-board, could I make them adoptables?

Are their guidelines for adoptables? Like reclaiming them from players if they don't play them? Are we allowed to make contracts such as, "Please discuss with me if you plan on killing them or a life-altering scenario" or playing them against an established personality?

And in general, how would adoptables work on Yavania?

Puppies & Stuff

This is just a question for the future but is there some kind of procedure one would go through to have puppies? Like are there requirements for the parents?


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RE: Questions about adoptables and puppies

Anything is allowed as an adoptable; puppies, family, made-up characters for future plots you want to play, etc. if a member doesn’t play the character or vanishes from activity, you may reclaim the character — you can remind others that you’d like to be advised of their intentions. As for personalities, you can rule an outline for each, or let them write their own personalities upon adoption. Once one is made, though, it cannot be changed.

For puppies, two characters must breed ICly — you will not be roleplaying the scene, but rather typing “-fade to black-“ at the bottom of your post. Then, you will request a roll in the updates forum under our birthing thread, and staff will roll a few dice to determine whether it is successful/unsuccessful + how many children will be born. You can read everything you need to know about this in our resources guide. ^^


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