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To Malum We Unite

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All Welcome Stay up on that rise and never come down

Havok Botanist
© Silverfrost
6.50 years
Height: 15 in
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Stay up on that rise and never come down

I'm a princess cut from marble
Smoother than the storm
And the scars that mark my body
They're silver and gold
My blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones
It keeps my veins hot
The fires found a home in me

This was not the first time Avinalora joined a pack and she knew exactly what she would do once it was daylight.

She spent most of the morning looking for someplace to set up a clinic. She finally found a large enough tree hollow that was large without making her worried that the hollow would collapse in something like a storm.

The next order of business was to make it habitable and that was where the female found herself working for a while. There was a lot of junk and gods know what kind of shit she found in that tree hollow. How many animals had curled up to die there. She collected some of the useful parts of the skeletons and a couple of skeletons herself - they were useful for teaching apprentices about anatomy - and deposited the rest outside.

The jackal medic dragged out yet another decomposed corpse, deposing it outside in the pile she was making. She spat out the taste, or at least tried to. She would also need to go about collecting herbs. So as she worked, she made a list in her head.

The basics were the most needed before she could spread to other plants. The wound healing ones such as Marigold, Dock, Penta, Tormentil, Snakeroot, and Horse Sorrel; the ones for broken bones such as Comfrey and Broom; the ones for sickness such as Feverfew, Coltsfoot, Juniper, and Mallow; as well as the useful ones such as Borage, Yarrow, and Aloe Vera. She had a lot of collecting ahead of her.

And she also needed to find a place to store the herbs so that they wouldn't rot.

Perhaps the Botanist should start up a garden. Yes, she should. She padded outside of the soon-to-be clinic, looking for a good place to start planting.

Open for one! Help Avinalora set up her clinic!

Plant: 0/2 | Healing: 0/2 | Telekinesis: 0/1 | Banshee: 0/1


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