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All Welcome Who Am I?

© Amelia
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RE: Who Am I?

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Lamondre Landau Tesar

I see it,
I want it,
I take it,

He noticed his woman staring at him -- and she was his, right? She'd agreed to be in his pride! That had to mean something. Was that admiration in her gaze? Had he proved himself to her? He swelled with pride. Even if he had won her approval, he wouldn't cease his efforts to provide and care for her. That was his job now and forever more. Safety and shelter in return for affection and loyalty.

Her question was cut off when water shot forward from her. Out of nowhere! He stared, mouth agape, and then realized she'd asked him a question. "Yes, I saw. That was amazing." He'd give praise where praise was due. She agreed to his idea of moving on from this place. "South?" he suggested, beginning to walk. Simple logic said that the south would be warmer than the north.


OC: We can do a new thread in a warmer land?



© Rora
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RE: Who Am I?

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Aithne smiled as the lion praised her. She could tell he was shocked, and so was she. She would accept the praise, but at the same time, she wasn't sure why. Had she done this? She nodded in agreement to moving south. It was time to move on, and figure out why such things were happening around them. Her bright yellow eyes watched as Lamondre began walking. Still under the affects of Allure, Ainthe would just about follow him anywhere. And so, she sauntered behind him, wherever it was they would go.


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