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All Welcome [Sive] Only

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[Sive] Only

Mancer Executive

I understood loneliness, before I knew what it was.

Had Mancer spent more time being aware of her life, she may have taken notice to how long it had been since she last saw Sive. The small gathering of youth to the call of her children’s grandmother would have brought them together briefly. Tail swats behind her as she roams the Flattop she called home. Her life had changed so much in such a short time, though perhaps it was for the best. She had never entirely sought this life, she was glad it found her though. She wouldn’t change a thing, not even in the slightest.

Untraceable would activate, erasing the hoof prints planted below her. Her trail disappearing as she walked gently along near the edge of the Flattop. How crazy it was to live in a place that had such a drop. Ears tilt back as she allows the feeling of Ignite to release. Not in any direction or at anything. Ears perk at the odd feeling of magic, she had never experienced it before. She wondered what kind of magic her children had, or if they had any. Ventriloquism would unknowingly activate a few feet away. The sound of a rock dropping against another would cause the mare to spook.

Tail lifting high in the air as her body jolts forth and prances in a delicate and floaty manner. Ears pin as she settles herself, ’What was that?’ she thought to herself, unsettled inside still but only by instinct. The instinct had it’s ups and downs, she should be more brave but motherhood kept her from focusing on her own safety and made her focus on her children. She sighs gently, ears perk as she walks along a few feet from the edge. She missed the boys, they had grown up so fast and barely needed her at all. Head lowers as she turns away from the edge and walks along to a spot.

Circling twice she would allow her limbs to buckle below her. Laying down gently upon the terrain. Tail swats gently as she lowers her head on the soft floor below. Snorting as she exhales, ears lay back against her head. She wanted more children, was that selfish? She couldn’t help but feel the need to mother something. Perhaps she could take in stray children, but she still wished for her own. Her boys were growing so fast and they were so independent. She lets her bottom lip squish below the weight of her head as she rests it in front of her knees. She missed Sive and didn’t want to admit it.

"Talk here."


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RE: [Sive] Only

Sive Dame
Skinwalker - Okapi
Sive was painfully aware of how long it had been since she'd spent time with the mother of her youngest children. Mancer. She was...not afraid necessarily. She wasn't a coward. Not at all. She was...hesitant. Yeah, that was better. She was hesitant to form a deep, meaningful relationship. Each time she did, she was faced with losing them.

It made for a lonely but safe life. She didn't need anyone other than her children. Right?

In the form of a male okapi (via skinwalker), she meandered through the rainforest terrain of the tepui. Now and again, she stopped to snack of leaves and low-hanging fruit. All the while, she tried not to dwell on her thoughts.

OC: So sorry this took so long. <3

Action | "Speech." | Thought.

Code by Kaitlyn!

Sive is a necromancer, and any mentions of Sirath are in reference to her Undead Companion. She is a rainbow boa of about five feet. No one else can hear Sirath speak; only Sive can. Due to being blessed by Defros, she has his symbol on her lower back in his red. She wears small bones laced on a necklace.


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