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All Welcome Art Of Province

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Art Of Province

(This post was last modified: 07-26-2019, 12:54 AM by Narcissa. Edited 1 time in total.)

Narcissa Malfoy

Diamond Thrones and Royal Beds.

There was more to the Malfoy bed than diamond thrones and royal investments. Their beliefs shifted, but that didn’t change who they were.

‘Cissa’s intentions for Vipera were naught for nothing, of course, and she’d see it rise with expectation and glory –– like Morsmordre, their right to rule would never be dishonoured. It will never be removed nor challenged against, so she sought. That, for one, was a promise the porcelain vowed to keep; a delicate brow arched at the turquoise lagoon’s, dotted with sparse vegetation and a sea of white dunes. It wasn’t as crisp here as it was in the cove, however the woman did not mind. Coming forward, featherfoot activated on heavy command, ice point sheeting the very claws she bore, inclusive to every tooth. They were cold, solidified by ice. Magic was how they fortified their power in name, but that did not mean it was consistently necessary -- she did not need it to prove herself worthy as queen -- Narcissa Malfoy was never not one. And yes, while the blueblood hereditary prided themselves on the elements, Narcissa was more than capable of ruling a province without its powerful art. She was a master at manipulation, devious and elegant. Agile fused in concentration, wave unveiling from a pool of water as it rose ten-feet into the air, thermometer turning its warmth into a chilling temperature. That singular, oceanic-blue narrowed upon the earth in simple intricacy, jet therein filtering around the porcelain’s mouth until she spat pressurized water out like a missile, slicing the lagoon’s surface. A purr befell, slathered in honey and sweetened tea. She sat by the edge, barrier beginning to manifest a wall from the energies that circulated ‘Cissa’s existence, hailed by a golden-translucency. As such, subzero never failed to icen her skin in a chilling sensation, one she cared little for and knew nothing about.

Silence concaved nonetheless, dismissing the magic for now.

Water 15/15 | Kinetic 5/15 | Psychic 0/11 | Air 1/2.
Affliction 0/1 | Axon 0/1 | Neuron 0/1 | Blood Bound 0/1 | Water Whip 0/1 | Ice Point 1/1 | Water Knife 0/1 | Icicle 0/1 | Subzero 0/1 | Dart 0/1 | Negation 0/1.
Longevity 0/1 | Dismissal 0/1 | Fellowship 0/1 | Espy 0/1 | Restoration 0/1 | Counterspell 0/1 | Cure 0/1 | Rewind 0/1.
Agile ∞ | Persuasive ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

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