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All Welcome Corpses

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Exposed “Artio” Lebraid

Wrong me once, I'll kill you twice.

The Havok queen did not like to associate with disobedient fools.

A subordinate that vowed themselves to Lebraid as a botanist had yet to prove their worth -- while the jackal’s efforts were in words, it simply wasn’t enough. No, far from it. Daemon spooled from the woman’s existence without rhythm or rhyme, daring to escape, yet it could not; she paid no mind to that penniless factor, even as radar gave peripheral alongside audition. A passive promise, never ceasing to exist. Eyes of white pierced the veil of a cold, mourning graveyard, deadwood trees practically grieving the screams of what could not be saved, or so she presumed. The earth was crisp, shallowed by fog in the brink of sunlight –– it wasn’t as if she could see it, however –– hisses concaved, moulded by raw leather and cruel salivation. Ampify therein activated to fabricate a more druid, curdling growl from the back of the wolf’s throat, sanctioned by the need to rule above all else. Why, she would rise in power and chaos, one way or another. Lebraid may’ve propositioned failure once when it was not allowed, but that did not mean she’d let it happen again; the disappearance of Grennian would never be forgiven, and the children will come to learn of that man’s cowardice. Oh, to behead him would be glorious. Endurance soothed against the disease of winter, but she cared little for such frail discrepancies; an ear would flick, auditon and radar reigning havoc over the queen’s inability to see. She was still capable without it, though. Coming forward, smoketrail bled into the atmosphere, blanketed by a smog of white and wine red -- it dove and weaved, charming the headstone bones.

As the woman stepped, crunching could be felt underneath, though what good would corpses be to her? Like the boy, they were useless.

Psychic 0/15 | Bardic 2/15 | Shadow 1/2.
Charm 0/1 | Smoketrail 1/1.
Audition ∞ | Radar ∞ | Endurance ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

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RE: Corpses

(This post was last modified: 08-31-2019, 12:51 PM by Staff. Edited 2 times in total.)

Limbs kept him steady as tail aided in balance against the terrain below him. Had he have known better, perhaps he would have stayed home instead. Burning could be felt within his muscles as exhaustion dared to tickle his body. He did not care for it as jaws part to pant lightly as he followed the scent of his mother. Misery loved company did she not? Eyes trace along the trail left by her, the scent of her could be caught in the stale air. Hackles bristle upon his spine as chilled air kissed damp nose and fluffy pelt. Though Chill always kept his cold to the touch regardless of the temperature. Lip peeled back to reveal sharp teeth which had barely been used in the life he was handed. Muzzle wrinkling slightly as smoke trail lead him to the maker. His mother. Ears pin as head lowers slightly, rotted beauty was her. A mismatched phenomenon of life and death smashed into one vile creature.

She birthed him and that was about it. Perhaps his inability to fully grasp the concept of life, was hindering to his outlook. He loved her, he loved to hate her. Why? He wished nothing upon her, he looked up to her. Perhaps his breeding was to blame for such manners of ill wishes upon anything other than himself. Crunching filled the air with a sickening sweet sound, his paws trailed his mothers steps as he made no attempt to sneak up on her. No, Lysander did not need to sneak, he wanted her know he was there. She always knew everything anyway, there was nothing that could hide from her. No secret, no lie, no truth, no creature. She was an immaculate being of distorted and obtuse proportion for the way life operated. Envy was a deadly sin that Lysander held inside him. He had yet to learn the other ones he would possess.

He wanted to be like his mother, and of course his father was non-existent. The garbage who donated nothing more than his time to create himself and his siblings. Vomit kissed the back of his throat as he thought of what waste of a being his mother had chosen. Memory lacked even a faint image of the rat who would be his father. Jaws clench together tightly in disapproval. Though without that pitiful creature, he wouldn’t be here, right? He hated him anyway, he only looked to his mother now. She was all he had, his siblings were useless to him, he had no time for them. No, not when he had so much more to do and learn. Extending his stride in attempt to catch up to his mother, ignoring the tiresome pain in his legs. Ears remain back as he aims to approach her from behind, upon his left side. "Mother." A single word leaving his jaws, narrowed eyes look up to her whilst tail aids in balancing unbalanced body upon the uneven terrain below. He wanted her attention so badly, he needed it...


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