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Hunt Group 2 [Hunter's Competition]
Malachai, Larceny, & Perses

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Group 2 [Hunter's Competition]

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Hunter's Competition: Group 2

Ethereal mist twirls around shaded trunks, obscuring whatever may lurk within thinly spread undergrowth. Casting a shadow throughout divine forest despite daylight hours, as if a thick fog.

Blurred shapes are large, numerous, and appear to be just out of reach. At least until one draws closer, revealing vague blurs to in fact be a herd of capreolus -- roe deer.

Please review the rules here if you have any questions. If needed, your character may call for a healer. Moderate and severe wounds should be treated. Injury vetos, should you have one, may be used; simply state in your post in an OC note that you wish to use it, and fill out the request form here. Otherwise, good luck and have fun!


Hunt is LEVEL 2 for all participants.

Malachai – 4 – no injury
Larceny – 1 – light injury
Perses – 9 – severe injury


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RE: Group 2 [Hunter's Competition]

Malachai Dame

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
'til touch down brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home

Another day, another attempted hunt. Mala knew this was no ordinary hunt. It was a contest, but that didn't change the end goal. The only thing she feared was the social aspect. Well, that and being forced into the leader role. She knew hunting, but team hunting seemed daunting. She hoped someone would just tell her what to do. That would be easiest.

Still hiding in her female form (via disguise), she made her way into the forest and paused a large distance from the herd of roe deer. As she stood there, a solo hunting plan came to mind. Despite that, she waited. Solo hunting wasn't the goal of this day. So, she took a seat and waited to see who else would arrive.

Female Disguise - 170 lbs & 36 in

Disguise - The creature is able to physically change their appearance and scent, allowing them to pretend to be someone else, of either gender. The creature can only change into a creature of the same species. These disguises last as long as the user wishes. They cannot take the scent of a specific other creature, but the scents they create for their disguises can be replicated making repeat uses of the same disguise possible.As for scent, the creature in question will only smell like themselves if they do not specify that they changed their scent.



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