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Hunt Group 3 [Hunter's Competition]
Nala, Donovan, & Horizon

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Group 3 [Hunter's Competition]

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Hunter's Competition: Group 3

Ethereal mist twirls around shaded trunks, obscuring whatever may lurk within thinly spread undergrowth. Casting a shadow throughout divine forest despite daylight hours, as if a thick fog.

Blurred shapes are large, numerous, and appear to be just out of reach. At least until one draws closer, revealing vague blurs to in fact be a herd of capreolus -- roe deer.

Please review the rules here if you have any questions. If needed, your character may call for a healer. Moderate and severe wounds should be treated. Injury vetos, should you have one, may be used; simply state in your post in an OC note that you wish to use it, and fill out the request form here. Otherwise, good luck and have fun!


Hunt is LEVEL 2 for all participants.

Nala – 8 – no injury
Donovan – 7 – moderate injury
Horizon – 3 – light injury


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RE: Group 3 [Hunter's Competition]

Fog of light consistency joined Nala's steps as she allowed herself to enter this unknown but mysterious forest. One she didn't know about until know, it was pretty, with dense trees and she could feel some peace. She coming here started from the initial idea of exploring, or poking her nose to a new place, wanting to expand more her knowledge about other lands. Yavania could be hiding more secrets, it was just an assumption from her, but she wanted to find out. So she left the marble tunnels, in order to head south, to the divine fields. Fields she loved to visit. And now with knowledge about mother earth and her children(the avatars)she wanted to serve them. Maybe her devotion and care shouldnt be for other mortals, but for them , for the divine.

And as she broke through at the distance she spotted a group of deer. Roaming peacefully there. Her tail lashed behind her, as piercing pink eyes contemplated them. Should she hunt one? Maybe but she first needed a plan. She needed to think about many factors, for now, she was going to just think. Little she knew this was a competition.

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RE: Group 3 [Hunter's Competition]

Horizon La'plura
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Horizon woke up with a graceful stretch. His belly rumbled at him, telling him to find some food. He growled back at it. "Okay, okay," he grumbled. He would try to get some food soon. If only to satisfy his grumpily empty stomach. Walking around a bit, he saw a black creature. She wasn't bad looking, but. He was hungry. And not for pretty girls. Trotting up to her, he noticed a herd of deer. "You want help hunting them?" he offered. She had nice pink eyes. Kind of striking.

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RE: Group 3 [Hunter's Competition]

Donovan felt compelled, perhaps, to devise his attention elsewhere for the moment -- after the quest*, responsibilities to ensure parenting didn’t go unearthed from the promises made were paramount.

Yet, here he was, insolent of that factor once again.

He had not heard from Sive in quite some time, so what was he to do? Sure, the lion could very well vow to visit their child, but the possibility of Aslaug remembering him was presumably nill to naught; smoketrail bled, warped by flares of sundown orange. An ethereal mist consumed the hovering trunks below, obscuring whatever may lurk beneath this thinly-devised undergrowth. It sedated Jarl’s ankles, hailing a shadow of sorts throughout the vicinity –– a cold breath hauled nonetheless, crisp and nimble like winter’s cruel kiss. He, however, did not expect to come across others. Eyes of tangerine narrowed in simple contemplation, tremorsense activating on its own accord; there was a girl of melted ink, accompanied by a wolf he did not know. Well, atleast one was from the kingdom. Donovan’s expression remained void of emotion, too laidback to care for such theatrics -- he’d already realised that there were numerous capreolus nearby upon approach -- is that why they were here? The fog continued to mourn, thickening with every heartbeat he drew, “Mind if I join?” Low, baritone words slid from the man’s mouth like smooth honey, not usually one to invest in hunting unless it be absolutely necessary. But of course, it wasn’t as if he had anything better to do –– ears flicking, silence dwelled in the wake of curiosity.

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stock images taken by Eric Kilby, Karen Roe.

Donovan wears a bone necklace carved into an elk skull that possesses an elemental branch, a spine earring on his rightmost ear & an antlered ring on his leftmost paw (last toe).


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