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All Welcome Forever, we are young

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Forever, we are young

Rai Dame

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless,
but planning is indispensable.

She had been spending time at the borders, marking them and making sure that they were otherwise not disturbed. Her eyes were focused, even as she was slowly making her return trip home. The sun was just reaching its peak. She wasn't sure how long she had spent away from home. Well, she was still home as the territory itself was home.

The house that she spent most of her time with her family, however, was also what one could consider home.

She snorted to herself, amused by her own thoughts. Rai's features were soft as she approached the house. She didn't bother to announce herself as she entered the house. She suspected that the three babies were inside. She also suspected that the two fathers were there too. If an older child was also in the house, well, that would be merely a welcome bonus.

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Aldrnari Baron
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RE: Forever, we are young

Sribna Nich


Sribna had been in the kitchens in the grove trying to cook. He wanted to try new things and try and help out with the kids. Loki and Rai did a lot of things… and Sribna felt like he wasn’t doing enough. He also did not want to ask for help, because the whole point of doing this was to try and do it himself. That was probably stubborn of him, but he just wanted to help Rai and Loki with taking care of their children. Although, perhaps cooking wasn’t the smartest thing he could be doing to help. He had ended up burning himself three times. Once one his left cheek, once on his left leg, and the third on his left paw. While he was trying to grab the elk meat out of the oven he burnt his cheek and then proceeded to drop the hot food on himself. Though he knew that the burn on his face was the worst of the three, while it wasn't large he could tell it took off a bit of his fur and it hurt the most. Plus he was sure his cheek wound was a bit bloody. Even though he got hurt, Sribna was proud of himself for trying to do something new. He could smell that the meat was cooked well and not burnt, which made him even happier.

He was carrying a basket full of cooked elk meat towards the house when he picked up on Rai’s scent. ”Good! She is home.” She could enjoy the food too then. He expected the kids to be home and most likely Loki as well, but he knew Rai had to take care of border patrol. He walked into the house only a few moments after Rai had entered. He was able to tell Rai was in the same room due to Audition allowing him to hear her heartbeat.

He gave Rai a brilliant smile as he affectionately spoke to her, ”Moia kokhana.” He had used that nickname for Rai a few times, it meant ‘my beloved’ in Ukrainian. ”I cooked some snacks for the family, would you like to have some?” Sribna wasn’t delusional, or trying to hide the fact he was hurt from cooking for the first time. He knew Rai probably would be worried, however he hoped that she would be proud of him for helping out. If he could just help more with the children… Perhaps he felt inadequate due to his lack of vision. Before the children it had been a long time since Sribna had been concerned about his lack of vision like this. He tried hard not to let his worries show though to Rai and Loki, he didn’t want them to worry. Sribna also tried to hide the fact that his cheek really really hurt.

Dan Hutcheson

Sribna has a second degree burn on his left cheek that has blistered slightly and a bit bloody and a first degree burn on both his leg and paw.


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