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[AW] Naught, Nill

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[AW] Naught, Nill

Sweeten’ My Tea.

Carina paved arrogance when it was necessary, especially when it came to getting what she wanted; aging no longer occurred, and perhaps it involved the fruit she’d dined upon. Well, mother bled the same prophecy, did she not?

A prodigy showed no fear. Of course, the circumstances and decisions arisen by the law of Malfoy’s were viable, understandable, and though their reputation remained unscathed by all those that chose to oppose it, sanctioning Vipera was a choice made in stone. Those who tried to say otherwise about their capability of ruling were naught but fools, blinded by their own ridiculous ego -- the woman did not appreciate such unruly mouths, not in the slightest. The blueblood’s succession was paramount, and evidently permanent. ‘Rina continued to abide by the law of a Malfoy, and those who dare defy their royal hereditary would pay a heavy fine, one way or another. It was a crime that cannot be excused, and she, for one, insinuated that belief nonetheless –– the Malfoy’s reimaged their ideations on superiority, but that did not mean she’d cradle it. No, she was far too arrogant to consider such theatrics. An ear would flick, grey-blue eyes saluting the temple’s divinity with a stoic expression, static combing the tiger’s skin like slick magnets. There were vines of great girth and littered shrubbery, combed by a tree that laid upon the dynasty’s top; the girl’s shoulder ached, crippled and worn. In spite of wearing a permanent limp from past informalities and one that was unfortunately recent, she preferred not to dwell on what cannot be undone –– after all, a woman of class found no pride in wearing pain.

However, it was then did she sight something rather peculiar.

A portal, whirling and accessible unlike anything the girl had ever seen. Her brows furrowed in simple contemplation for what it may be, curious and uncertain -- what was it? Whitened hackles danced with dominance, considering the options for but a moment, though that did not mean she wouldn’t do the unthinkable. Information, even, was vital to Carina’s rise in reputation and power. Coming forward, she strode into the portal with elegance, grace, soon finding herself surrounded by a mythical-like woodland, plagued by mist and an ethereal atmosphere. The woman didn’t quite understand where or how, though that didn’t particularly matter right now. A delicate brow arched, eyes of smoked-ocean’s careening every crook and crevice; it was inviting, but the eerie silence spoke louder. What, pray tell, did this mean?

The Malfoy turned, returning to the temple.


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Wears a silver-woven bracelet with blue gemstones.


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