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All Welcome A Newcomer
Kodiak arrives in Yavania

© Louis
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RE: A Newcomer

The trees rustled in the wind, leaves brushing up against one another similar to applause, urging them on in their increasing hostility. Kodiak barely noticed that though, or the whispering of a river a bit deeper through the woods, or the hare that was dashing away as soon as it saw the two predators aggressively leaning towards another. He dug his claws into the earth and willed himself to listen to the words of the smaller mammal, and just barely managed to supress the urge to snort at her reply. He wasn't entirely convinced if he believed her, but he didn't see why she should lie. There was no reason to, really. So he remained quiet for a while, mulling the facts over in his head - she had deliberately lied to him. She was smaller than him, and even though he was pretty thin, she was probably more capable of making quick turns, where as he had to stop his bigger body before being able to do a 180 - which might come in handy for her in a fight. On the other hand, Kodiak was very obviously stronger than Jedda, so he could overpower her relatively easy, if he tried.
But there was no need to attack, or even kill her. If what she was saying was true, that she was alone and wanted a friend… that didn't justify her actions, but it certainly wasn't reason enough to hurt her.
And if she lied, and somehow was planning something devious and malevolent, she'd probably need other animals to help her, since she had to know as well as he did that she alone probably couldn't win a fight. And if that was the case, there was nothing he could do to stop that. If he attacked or killed her, her friends would be even more vicious and eager to do him harm.
"I won't kill you," he decided finally, and slowly dropped his aggressive stance, stopping the circling to sit down and lick some dirt off of his paw. "But I will continue alone from now on. And I don't want you to follow me," he said firmly. "Understood?"


Other mammal
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RE: A Newcomer

Jedda had been watching her fellow predator through a lens of pure, unfiltered.. hatred? no, that wasn't it. her friendly disposition implied she very rarely, if ever, felt that strong of a negative emotion towards someone, especially a stranger she had talked to briefly. perhaps fear? sure, yet not quite precise. that gut wrenching fright she had felt before had morphed into something.. that she couldn't quite name. she was confused, perhaps. angry. she didn't feel remorse for her actions, at least not for now. she felt like what she had done was understandable in her situation, and, honestly, just placed the blame on the wolf. if he hadn't fucking cornered her, maybe they'd even be friends by now. she doubted it, seeing his hostile demeanor, but she just genuinely believed everyone had inherent good in them, and their bad traits were simply environmental. maybe he was like that too?

she had no time to reflect on the possibility, as she observed, through slit orbs, the man sitting down, acting all calm as if she hadn't just nearly had a heart attack because of him. she scoffed. this whole situation was just ridiculous. he acted all tall and mighty just because he had a size advantage? he claimed he wouldn't have killed her. but what if I kill you? she thought, snarkily. and what he said next was even more astonishing. "hmph. as if I wanted to anyways. you're just a meanie." did he honestly believe that she wanted to stay with him, after threatening to kill her? hah, he honestly had to be really self-centered to believe such an outlandish thing. well, quite honestly, she was desperate enough to stay with someone who didn't didn't actually want her, just because she craved attention that badly, but for them to be so upfront and aggressive about it.. even she acknowledged it wouldn't work out.

she turned around, not even giving him the benefit of a last glance, and just started going. where? as far from there as possible. the tension in the air got less and less thick the further from there she got, and she enjoyed that feeling. so she just kept walking.


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