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Private (Yurei) Midnight Island

Aldrnari Cook
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(Yurei) Midnight Island

(This post was last modified: 08-10-2019, 12:00 AM by Bretton. Edited 1 time in total.)

Be Careful
not all are what they seem
Some people pretend to be the beach
but in reality
they're quicksand

Bretton wandered around his new home. One day he would have to find a way to make himself a bed and something to cover the windows and door at some point. Make it feel more home-y but for some reason he just could not figure out how to. Skins, maybe get a few rocks to decorate outside his house. Maybe, just maybe, he would find some flower seeds somehow. Plant them, if that would even work. He had nadda clue how to do that. Sighing, the man turned and walked about the Peninsula. Was it only houses here? He walked and walked till he found one that did not quite look like a house.

Upon entering, he noticed the shelf of what looked to be rectangular objects. Brett moved forward and grabbed one, seeing it no issue as he placed it on the ground and pawed at it. Managing to flip the page before he stared at it, what was its use? Upon tapping it with his paw again, the book began to speak to him.

"Air, Level 1, Featherfoot

The user can, with concentration, condense the air beneath their feet to create an invisible cushion-like effect. This makes it possible for the user to fall from heights of up to 16 feet without sustaining damage to themselves."

His head tilted as he listened to it speak. Where was its mouth? Where was its legs? He examined it before lifting his eyebrow, was it some more type of magic? He tapped the book again and it talked some more.

"Air, Level 2, Haste

This move doubles the sprinting speed of the user. Running long distances with this power will slow the speed down to 1.5 times faster. This move effects all forms of movement, such as walking, jogging, and sprinting. This lasts for a few moments in combat and up to 5 minutes outside of combat."

It sounded quite handy, was this magic it was describing? It had to be, could not be anything else. Bretton smiled as he closed whatever it was and put it back. That was enough of talking objects for him. The man spun around and exited the Library before he headed to the beach. The moon was high in the sky, blanketing the land in darkness including himself. He blended in quite magnificently, if he said so himself. He could feel the sand in between his toes, hear the waves as they reached ever so desperately for the land beyond the sand. It was a tale his mother had told him once, how there was once no sand, nothing keeping the dirt from the water. He was a pup then and it sounded much more interesting, but the water and the dirt were in love and the sand separated them which is why the waves come up the sand and reach for the grass.

Brett blinked a few times and sighed as he sat down just out of the waters longing reaches, it was beautiful. The moon cast an elegant reflection upon the water, lighting up the world before him. Gorgeous and refreshing.

"He Speaks."
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Verja Healer
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RE: (Yurei) Midnight Island

"Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?"

The whole day has been quite busy for me, being a healer on the make took a lot of time as until now all the learning had to be done on my own. No one ever offered me help, no one ever did. All these months, i has been alone this, but i never cared, i am used to be alone, so this wasn't that bad for me. Today, i was on the healer hut, doing what had to be done. Storing herbs, organizing them in type and name, this of course was a memory challenge, one that no mistake should be made. All had to be done correctly.

It took me hours as there were so many. But once i finished all, i wanted to go and study some at the library, to expand my knowledge about herbs and where to find them. And maybe someday i could go and do a trip to the divine fields. But for now, I wouldn't leave the kingdom's land. So when I left the hut, the darkness got me by surprise, it was night already and I thought i wasn't this late. Well, it seemed my visit to the library was going to be tomorrow.

But like always, I wanted to have some minutes to contemplate the ocean, just before bed. In a slow way, I marched, as my red eyes watched the surroundings. My steps were Stelathy , silent , i didn't want to be heard. I wasn't a big fan of people, my presence wasn't needed. I am a nobody, after all, one no one would miss here. After some minutes i sat down in front of the sea. And I could feel the sand under my feet. I wasn't aware of the other wolf, my attention was placed upon the moon and the ocean below it.


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Due to Yurei's depression issues, her posts would hold many hard topics like depression and suicide(in some cases) so be aware when threading with her.


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