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Maternal/Paternal & Brawler

Fuli & Star
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Private [Navrik] Ghoul

© Akky
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[Navrik] Ghoul

Bellamy Bhavik

So say your goodbyes, because the world won’t survive.

Bellamy Bhavik didn’t appreciate the lack of activity.

Why, she may be considered powerful from the continuous wins of witchery and fun, but that’s because she sought no other reason to think she wasn’t a decree of the underworld. The wolf simply did not have time to dillydaddy and pick rubies from the grove, however -- ghoulish and plagued by intention, a sickening cackle bore from its chambers in a garnished manner. It chimed like shattered glass, liberating the desert of endless white. Oh, the games she played were far from humane, yet she intended to keep it that way for the sake of getting exactly what she wanted; magic slued like it’d always done, glow therein pulsating without rhyme. A brow came up in simple contemplation, eyes of gored velvet slaving against the sea that did not fail to shower its repetitiveness of sand and sparse vegetation. Sunlight, even, smothered the air in a bathe of warmth. Diligent settled against the skin, stalking for something, anything, to make this evening a little more poetic. This is how she would rise, of course. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t without the hand of a god, or perhaps the man downstairs –– really, the wolf quite enjoyed toying with the inevitable –– successful so far, denial and failure would not be considered. As a breath of wintry smoke sailed from Bhavik’s lips, despite the change of season, it became ghosted by a pause in motion. A smile crooked like sliced flesh, twisted and devilish in the wake of absolute infestation. Doll’s, why are you so afraid? The horned wolf repeated a maul of japanese words in quiet amusement as that singular wing fled out in a girth most unnatural; she paused, eyeing the landscape. Taking a step forward, those over-extended canines became flavoured by saliva and foul hisses, finding no reason to doubt what could possibly become of this.

There was never a need to, of course. Bhavik did not care for what others may say -- their fear alone is what fed her to do as she pleased, guts and all.

Savant 0/6 | Electricity 0/2 | Light 1/2 | Metal 0/2.
Untraceable 0/1 | Charm 0/1 | Diligent ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

the-night-bird & Bine G.




RE: [Navrik] Ghoul

The living god walked among the mortals. Well there wasn't many around here. Dreamur liked his space sometimes. He wished there was someone though. A believer he could speak to, perhaps. Or some poor soul who had not found him yet. He would love to help someone learn to find solace and family in him. He had no family other than his believers. Maybe others were the same way. Loneliness struck them all someday.

And his wish was answered when he saw a creature. He sniffed in feminine perfume. She was pure black, and large, much larger than him. But of course, size didn't mean everything. Jade horns licked from her head. He noticed a symbol strung from her neck. He didn't know what it was, really.

Feeling no fear - Why should a god fear a mortal woman - He trotted up to her. Head was held high, yet tail swung low and casually. His mouth was curved into a slight grin. "Hello, fine lady. he greeted her. "And what might be your name? I am Dreamur." The nails on his fore paws dug into the ground. He wasn't afraid, not at all. Nope. It was just... Instincts or something. He fidgeted a lot, especially when meeting new creature.. But he kept his face and the rest of his body mild and friendly.


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