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All Welcome [DG] let this moment be the first chapter

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[DG] let this moment be the first chapter

Baldrick Julien-Prince

quiet doesn't mean that I have nothing to say

the behemoth had ventured out when the first lights had tinted the sky a soft shade of peach, (or when be assumed they did, since the clouds covered the entire sky) for he wished to adventure far that day; when he had left his home that morning, the last thing he expected was to find an unforeseen companion. the small critter had begun following him from the moment he set foot outside his building. he had attempted multiple times to send it away, but it just wouldn't listen. "we've got a rebel on our hands, huh?" he smirked as he said, looking the creature in the eyes. copper eyes too massive for the eyes of its head looked at him, but said nothing. well, guess I'll have to roll with it. he sighed in defeat. he didn't particularly like company, but seeing as it just wouldn't leave his side, he had no other option but to ignore it.

Baldrick had planned for this trip for a few days now, just as he felt the temperatures rising, and this little one wasn't going to be the one stopping him. following a quick snack, the lion, reinvigorated, was ready to start a strenuous journey. he walked through the unforgiving desert for hours on end, and although he had chosen to walk closest to the ocean for the obvious benefit of wind combing his mane and providing some relief for the heat, there was still lack of water adequate for drinking.

a wave of relief washed over his fatugued figure when he finally reached his destination: the rainbow beach. after hiding in the shubbery for a short while to regain his breath and lap some water from a small body of water nearby, he gazed at the aquamarine waves lazily lapping at the colorful sand, and he just felt happy for being lucky enough to catch such a sight. it was surely a change of scenery from the waterfalls, as in recent days the Avatars were pissed, sending red rain and the continuous clapping of thunder to ruin his days. this was.. calm, and pretty. he was about to doze off when he was reminded of his buddy, who had apparently hid in his mane for the entirety of the journey, as it jumped atop of his muzzle, deciding there was no time for sleeping. annoyed, he activated chill, praying it would send it away for good, but it seemed unfazed. he then resorted to pushing its frail body into the sand so that he could attempt to drift into dreamland.

OOC: his undead companion's a gray mouse lemur.

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