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All Welcome [DT] Unlovable

© Dikui
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[DT] Unlovable

Vox stood alone atop the... Oddly vivid green grass. It hadn't seemingly felt any of the early summer heat that left some grass dead. It was unnatural. Maybe she wouldn't have cared so much any other time, but she was feeling quite irritable lately. She just wanted to fight someone, anyone. Who knew why? She sure didn't. So she simply stood, waiting. Maybe someone would come, maybe not, but Vox just stood there.

A bird chirped and the girl flinched. She couldn't help but remember her old nickname. Songbird. It has began as a teasing nickname among friends for her small size and high voice. Harmless. Then it had become so much crueler. The carrion-eating leader of the Pit had taunted her with it, driving her into such a rage that she lost control of herself. She had shed her calm, reserved exterior and screamed profanities at him, only to have many small stones strike her back. He had scolded her, telling her to mind her language. She had walked away, glaring.

She wore a slightly softened version of that glare now.


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RE: [DT] Unlovable

Djimon Shabani

every villain is a hero in its own mind.

the lithe beast's footsteps, slow and irregular, had halted to a sudden stop. amethyst orbs glanced towards a minute creature standing, seemingly motionless, on flat terrain not too far away from him. his pupil trailed the little one's body, detecting a longer snout than his own, hinting at their species; he assumed it was a fox, or perhaps even a young wolf.

it's as if an unknown being had suddenly taken ahold of his body for he felt a sudden, powerful hunger for blood. not simply blood, though, it was the way people screamed and desperately tried to rebel against his maws in their throat, the way their body spasmed before their last, subtle breath left their souls, to never come back. that's what he yearned.

what was different about this particular urge was that it hadn't happened when his mind was plagued by memories and scenarios he wished to wither. this time, his head was clear by such thoughts, he simply wished to kill. he didn't necessarily enjoy it, per say, but it felt like it empowered his very being, to the point where he felt strength indescribable by simple mortal beings such as himself. he craved that feeling, it fed his soul, it made him feel in control, it made him feel wanted.

he drowned the murderous desire deep inside him, perhaps to resurface again in the future; he reminded himself this was possibly a child. he wished to inflict no pain upon those that had just started out their lives, for he didn't want them to lead a childhood similar to his; he would help them, that's right. help them. and if they happened to refuse? then things would get nasty, but not before. of course, he wouldn't kill them, just explain the wrong in their ways in a.. not so pacific manner.

walking up to the canine from behind in leisurely pace, he stopped a few feet from them in order to start talking. "good morning, child? is it not too soon to venture out on your own?" he meant to say, assuming this was a child. "gross tree, mortal? is it evening perhaps soon enough walking on road own?" is what he said in reality, albeit he had no idea. his body reflected that, with his head held high and a confident smile plastered on his face. fake, perhaps-- but a smile nonetheless.

OOC: he rolled for word salad (Defros' Gamble) and attempt to kill a character (Defros' Temptation). ^^

act. "speak." element


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