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All Welcome Fantasy

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Lucious Malfoy

Are you ready for a perfect storm

Night patrol was really not his thing.

Not for the first time, though the first time him admitting it, he wished that they had a little bit more senior members of the realm. Of course, most of the members were consisted of family. His young, though expected to pull their weight, weren't exactly in the need to head out into the darkest of night to see that their lands were secured. That was both his job as a father and a king. Lucious flicked his ears as he walked. As time had dragged on, he had come to realize that being huffy about the sand wasn't going to change anything. So with that in mind, he decided the best route was to ignore.

Easier said than done.

But Lucious was pretty good about turning a blind eye to something. If it didn't directly affect his pride to do so. If it didn't go against his own values. Good thing neither applied to the little granules of annoyance that came into his paw pads. Marking his borders was a task that he probably could do in his sleep. Only if that was a thing - too bad it was nothing but fantasy.

"Talk. Talk. Talk."

Cause once you’re mine there’s no going back


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RE: Fantasy

Narcissa Malfoy

Diamond Thrones and Royal Beds.

Narcissa Malfoy rarely ever dove into the brink of nightfall, however her fine husband’s absence could not be ignored; where art thou? She’d been gathering information and other political factors more often than not, so what of a time when duties did not beckon their reign? Subzero never failed to icen her skin in a chilling sensation, coming forward to find Lucious’ most gracious existence — he was a man worthy of the throne, powerful and proud — it was the way of a blueblood, of a Malfoy. “Darling,” Words slithered like honey and sweetened tea, rolling from the porcelain’s tongue in great admiration as she sought to run her head against the golden man’s left hip (should it not be evaded). Time was a delicate numerical, one she cared not to waste. A brow came up in delicate concentration, that singular, oceanic-blue swollen by the lust of a bond that can not be broken -- their rule was absolute, of course. ‘Cissa’s intentions were clear enough, “What of the night?” Not that she didn’t know, it was a mere gesture of conversation considering the children were not here. Oh, to say the queen is proud was an understatement. They’d accomplished more than most, had they not? Why, the woman implored it; turning to face the king, she did not speak again.

Silence swelled, graved in a well of stars.

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Longevity 0/1 | Dismissal 0/1 | Fellowship 0/1 | Espy 0/1 | Restoration 0/1 | Counterspell 0/1 | Cure 0/1 | Rewind 0/1.
Agile ∞ | Persuasive ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

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Wears a Golden Crown with woven-flora, Golden Bangle with dimonties, Golden Ring with pearlescent blue stones, Silver Cuff-Earrings with sapphires.
Possesses an imprintation of the Malfoy Crest (#7b2c00) on the left-foremost haunch.
Due to the Subzero, her skin is uncomfortably cold.

Narcissa is Immortal.


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