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Intrepid Mortality
Simplistic Semi-Realistic Wolf RP (with magic)

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Intrepid Mortality

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characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance

the quality or state of being mortal [archaic: death]

To be fearless in the face of Death.

Welcome to Intrepid Mortality, where survival is as much a part of your story as every friend, foe, and lover. Chaos and strife are no longer just for entertainment purposes here - they will hinder your ability to survive and thrive. At Intrepid, we pride ourselves for being a hardcore survival roleplay first and foremost. Only the strongest will survive here, as nature feels little for her denizens... but it's not just the elements and other wildlife you'll need to face, here! Other wolves, sickness and injury, accidents and random chance - all of these things will play a role in how long you'll live here. Do you have what it takes, not only to survive, but to thrive, here? Your life is literally in your hands - or paws, if you prefer the immersion. Here, your actions have consequences, so think before you act, and above all, tread wisely. Death can and will happen here, and there is no turning back time... but every great story must come to an end. The only question is, when your book closes on your final chapter, will you be remembered, or will you fade into obsolescence? The choice is yours.

Welcome to Intrepid Mortality.

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