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The two queens found themselves together once again. However, it was only one of them walking. Kari sat upon her grandmother's head in avian form thanks to shift. As a false cardinal, her little talons were barely noticed by the russet female.

They had set out again in the early morning. This time, they had decided to head toward the Flattop. It had been a while for either one of them to head in this direction. Of course, it would take some time for both of them to return home. But they were also aware that their chosen mates were able to hold the fort long enough without causing too much mayhem.

Well, Rai had the upmost confidence that her two mates would be able to handle three young as they were growing into their own. Kari, on the other hand, figured that Helu would be able to handle themselves just fine. After all, they had a certain primate son that was a handful. As they arrived to the borders of the Flattop, Rai moved around, her eyes peeled as Kari settled herself in. She also managed to keep an eye out.

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