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All Welcome [M] A Troubled Mind Is A Heavy Burden

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[M] A Troubled Mind Is A Heavy Burden

Abraxas Bast

And I think it's gonna be a long, long, time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home

~~~~~Mature for thoughts~~~~~

It seemed as though the vision hours earlier had taken a lot of his energy out of him. That dark vision still fresh in his mind was slowly engraving itself permanently into his mind. A reminder that he couldn’t have a life without fear, or so it seemed to him. It just seemed like things would go okay, then they would come crashing to the ground. His paws dragged against the ground and he slowly continued to make his way. Green-paw causing small blue flowers to appear behind him, unbeknownst to him. Perhaps he wasn’t actually physically drained, but emotionally.

He wondered when that vision would come true. If… it would. Stories back in his homeland of dark visions… didn’t help him calm himself down. People would speak about dark things happening. Caves collapsing, children going missing, people winding up dead due to starvation. Abraxas… escaped that… or so he thought. He escaped his grim fate, and made it here. He found a home, began to feel safe. But then… Sirus... had forced himself on him. Abraxas, met a few people, made a friend, got advice… then the meteors…

Abraxas paused and looked around at the pillars that surrounded him. This was the very land that it happened in. He had gotten injured, and was rescued. Things were okay for a little bit. But then, Aurelius… jumped and he saw it, but could do nothing to stop him. Things had gotten better since then, a lot better. Abraxas made more friends, was slowly opening up to people. He was finding himself, and it felt nice. ”I guess, I was overdue for something bad to happen.”

He sat down and leaned against a pillar. Taking a break from the traveling. The thought of telling someone about his vision had crossed his mind a few hours ago… But… he was sure he would just be laughed at. Someone may possibly think him mad that he ate an apple and had a vision. No… this was something he was planning on keeping to himself. His mind went over the vision again and again.

He had not seen what the man looked like. Nor had he any information about him. The vision gave him nothing really. What about him? He didn’t look really any older than what he was currently… So is this vision in the near future? It has to be right? What about the den? Well… dens could be anywhere really. He gave a sigh in frustration. Why couldn’t the vision give him anything useful information wise. He stood back up and continued to slowly make his way back to the kingdom, milling around in his troubled mind.


oc note: DG and DT is welcome as this thread is made before the 15th. Abraxas is in the middle of Pillar plains. He is referring to the Dark vision he had in this post.



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RE: [M] A Troubled Mind Is A Heavy Burden

Eir's day didn't start as always, today something was wrong and she knew it, she knew something about her wasn't exactly functioning as it should. What could it be? Well, somehow the female wasnt able to speak, like if words didnt want to come out anymore, and she wondered about what had happened. Did her chords got damaged without her noticing? That couldn't be as her throat should be hurting by now, so that option was discarded on the instant, but what else could be? Was she going to remain mute forever? Or would it pass later? She could ask but how if she can't even articulate words? She wished there were any more ways to communicate, thought maybe the body language could help, some say an image can say what a thousand of words wouldnt, so maybe she could use it for now.

And against all chances, she did make it, she managed to reach adulthood without a mother, alone she could say. She survived thanks to what the kingdom provided, free meals and a place to sleep. Protection was granted, as in any other animal groups, where no one was left alone and protection and food would come without even asking it, and with such a childhood, Eir felt quite well. Yea, it was lonely and sad at times, when she saw others happily with a family, with a mother and father looking over them, sleeping surrounded by love and company. It was unfair, but for Eir it gave her strength, strength to get up in the hardest of times. She grew up an independent wolf, she was just fine alone as she could easily take her own stuff. She has been brave all these seasons, she learned to don't allow fear to blur her judgment, her mind. She also learned that complaining wouldn't take her out of anything, she knew that learning on her own was the only way. And this was the result, this was the product of that.

Leaving that to a side, Eir for the first time dared to adventure herself out of Gullborg. Her adventurous side pushed her forward with so much thirst to meet other places of Yavania. Her walk was confident, without insecurities behind, she wouldn't let fear stop her from experiencing new things.

-small time skip-
She made it to a place she kinda remembered but just a little. This is where she started, this is where her adventures in Yavania started but again she didn't remember much of that day. She was only a few weeks old. She walked in silence as takes note of anything. Soon after, she spotted some rocks. Smiling, she would attempt to use Stonespahe upon one of them, and with a complete focus, she tried to firstly break it apart while she stared at it. Since this was her second use, this time it wasn't as hard as the first time, and now with that broken, she now tried to make a figure. Her focus made her ignorant of the AWD.

OC: As per Defros gamble, she is temporarily muted.

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