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All Welcome I'm calling you from the future, to let you know we've made our mistakes
For one, please!

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I'm calling you from the future, to let you know we've made our mistakes

I'm a champion of the people who don't believe in champions
I got nothing but dreams inside
I'm just young enough to still believe
But young enough not to know what to believe in
If I can live through this
I can do anything

A massive tiger wandered through the forest, the sunlight glinting off of his ebony fur. He moved rather noisily for what one would expect from a tiger; he didn't seem to care what he stepped on or how many branches and leaves would brush against him. He simply explored.

Kazimier looked around, sniffing the air and listening. He was starting to get hungry and he needed to either find a carcass or a body of water. He hadn't really learned to hunt yet and found it easier to stick with what he knew. And that was fishing and scavenging.

The melanistic feline stopped, his head raising high as he grinned. He could hear water! The boy trotted in the direction of the sound, finding a stream. He sat at the edge, watching the water intently. If he didn't find something, he could look around for lobster or mussels. There had to be some kind of food somewhere.

Kazimier is fishing!
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RE: I'm calling you from the future, to let you know we've made our mistakes


Orpheus hopped lightly from talon to talon, sharpened beak of pale creamy brown lifted to the skies to attempt and get the maximum amount of scents he could at one time. This new, strange land was already quite different from his old home. The trees were, to start with, behemoth monsters towering over him and casting a shadow over most parts of the ground. Something about the thickness of the canopy above him made him uneasy, restless, in case of the need for an escape. Nonetheless, he continued on his lopsided path, feathers sticky with the near uncomfortable heat.
It wasn’t very long until a sharp snap sounded in his ear canals, followed by the blundering crunches of leaves crushed by careless paws, almost completely blocked by the constant trickle of a stream. His nares would take awhile to catch up with his hearing, but he could easily go off just that for a bit. Swiveling his head, the bird spread his sloped wings and dove off of the high branch he had been on before, angling his lean body to slip between tightly woven branches best he could. He could hear the creature getting getting louder and louder much quicker than he expected- he realized with a small start that it must be huge to make such a ruckus. That wasn’t quite enough to work fear into the curious man’s nerves, so he rather picked up on speed, trying to determine this- likely predator, as unless it was a huge buck, the animal was massive- creature’s species.
Suddenly the crash of foliage ceased, nearly stopping Orpheus mid wing stroke. The other animal could probably smell him by now, he knew, so he opted to make himself look as friendly and presentable as possible, because, to be frank, he didn’t much feel like being eaten.
The trees opened to reveal a steady stream. The owl tilted his head, scanning the trees to a sufficient branch to land on, high enough to be out of reach of any stray.. claws.. or teeth.. and settled himself without issue atop the rough bark, wings folding neatly against his sides with a quick rustle of his plumage. He blinked, taking in the eyeful below- a very large looking, but also young, tiger colored with blacks and grays. He would whistle, if he could, at the sight. The poor thing would be hot as can be once the shade of the forest ended- if it ever did- and was peering with hungry eyes at the water at it’s paws. Clearing his throat, Orpheus parted his beak to curiously ask, “What are you doing out here all alone?” He would offer a tilt of his round head, observing the feline more scrutinizingly for injuries or signs of disease. Not for malicious intent, of course, but simply out of curiosity and boredom. Perhaps the young thing would accept his assistance, or what little he could give?

he walks. “he talks.” he thinks.

Image is UF/IFAS file photo!

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