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Private {Soini} Rainbows and Greg

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{Soini} Rainbows and Greg

(This post was last modified: 10-01-2019, 01:06 AM by Milo. Edited 2 times in total.)
Milo Caro

“I love my Fish Family.”

"Get back here!!!!!”

Even though Milo had now reached adulthood physically, that didn’t mean he was mature. No, Milo was far from it, practically on the opposite of it. His spaztic impulsive nature from his childhood remained, as did his fractured yet imaginative thought process which lead him into some… creative and interesting possibly bad situations… when not monitored. Usually Soini was monitoring him if not Soini, then Noam, or Helu or Kari. But now… now he was an escapee… and right now at the current moment Milo was chasing a crab down the beach carrying a bowl of some blue colored liquid that he ‘found’ in someone’s house. He was covered in different colors of paints and dyes such as blue, green, red, purple and yellow. ADHD was its usual monster keeping him going to and fro from thing to thing. But this time it seemed to manage to stay on one thing… or a few things. Point is, he had managed to paint at least six other crabs along with some rocks, pieces of driftwood, shells and other miscellaneous things. There really was no rhyme to his reason on what he painted, just that he randomly ran around painting what he could get his little hands on.

Right now however, his focus was this small red crab that was trying its best to scuttle away from him. "I just wanna paint you!” Why though? Milo didn’t know, just that he needed to paint the crab. However coordination was not Milo’s strong suit, he tripped over a shell and the bowl of blue liquid of what he believed to be paint tipped over and fell all over the sandy ground.

Milo just stared at the blue liquid that was seeping into the ground for a split second before blurting out as he ran off towards the directions of the houses nearby. "I need more… Stay there Greg! I will be back to paint you! I will get green this time for you!” Milo did not find it odd in the slightest that he just named a random crab, nor that he acted as if the crab had a preference in which color it was going to get painted. That was just how his mind worked… when it decided to work.

After a few moments… or maybe longer, Milo wasn’t that good at keeping track of time… but he did finally manage to find the house in which he ‘found’ the paint. It helped that its outside was now conveniently covered in spilled paint at Milo’s many attempts to carry liquids outside the building. He learned after the something-ith time that he shouldn’t hop around with bowls of liquid. Hence why he was now a walking rainbow of a primate after liquids splashed all over him.

He walked inside the strangers house, not even thinking that it was actually someone’s house. Who would have so many paints in their house after all? This must be a paint house, like the medic hut. Made sense to him. It smelled like flowers too. Smelly. "Smelly smelly flower crabs…” Milo giggled as he made his way past the large yet colorful mess he made prior inside the house and began climbing up and shelf that was loaded with paints. Excited about his adventure he began to sing in a made up tune, "Gunna smell like flower crabs! Smelly smelly flower crabs! Gunna get some green for Greg! ” No, the song didn’t make sense. Milo didn’t care. Not. One. Bit.

Oc note: The house Milo has taken the paint from belongs to Abraxas Bast. He is basically stealing paint and ink. There is paint /ink and evidence of it on the beach, and clear trails of it leading back to Abraxas’ house, as well as pools of spilled colors all over the ground outside the house, and inside. Milo has clearly been at this for awhile and has made a mess of the place trying to get his task done.

He walks "He Talks." He Thinks

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RE: {Soini} Rainbows and Greg

Soini Dame

Hold on for a second
If words can be weapons
Then what I say can affect it

Shit. Shit. Shit.

His mother - their mother - was going to kill him if she found out he had lost Milo. Which meant he had to find him before she came home. He had looked away for one stupid second and the tiny primate had made his escape. How something so small managed to run faster from a two hundred pound lion was beyond him. He literally had looked towards his other younger siblings for one second and when he turned back around, Milo had vanished. Very sternly, Soini had told Ygnvi to stay put. If he lost them too, he was really going to be dead.

Their mother, after all, had a lot of fire. Soini didn't want to know what would happen if she became angry enough. You'd think that he would know the usual places that Milo would go, except his adopted brother was impossible to predict.

His ears flicked and he finally heard the voice of the tiny primate. He paused, his eyes narrowed as the lion came closer. As he approached, he could see that there was something completely messed up. For one, it appeared that Milo was covered in something. Where.... exactly had he gotten that? In Soini's startled observation, his brother had managed to trip and spill whatever he had in that bowl that he was hobbling around. He could see a crab running for dear life, not that he was certain that his brother would even be able to harm the crab, as the monkey hobbled back.

The lion watched in confusion as he headed in the direction of a house. Soini followed after him, having a terrible feeling.

And it was a good thing that he trusted his gut. As he came into the house that Milo had traveled into, he realized two things - one, the house smelled horrible and two, this belonged to someone not related to them.

Double shit. "Milo!" Soini stubbornly said the name of his brother as he approached, trespassing into a house that didn't belong to family. Yep, grounded for sure. "Don't touch anything." Probably a little late for that but Soini had to try, didn't he?

"Talk here."
Chris Smallwood


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