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All Welcome Sugar

Vipera Queen
© Akradr
4.25 (9.25) years
Height: 38in
Posts: 443
AP: 141AP
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Weight: 199lbs


Narcissa Malfoy

Diamond Thrones and Royal Beds.

The shore was calm, fellowed by waves.

Their recent encounter with a woman went fine*, never one to truly be against the possibility of a member; while Vipera founded its reputation on the house of Malfoy’s, subordinates to oblige their throne were encouraged. It wasn’t wrong of the queen to question one’s true intentions, for past discrepancies left trust in a place that cannot easily be gifted. A way to build their rise in power, perhaps — though, they were very much there already. Why, she had no reason to believe otherwise. Subzero never ceased to icen her skin in a rave of chilly sensations, caked by cold, soon finding herself walking the cove’s borders. That singular, oceanic-blue narrowed under simple contemplation at the evening’s sunset -- a cascade of dull colours drowned the skies above, bathed by orange and pink. There was nil to naught overcast, but the odd cloud made for a prime touch; time was a delicate numerical, one she cared not to waste. ‘Cissa’s body language forever vowed to prove her worth and royalty among the arches of a crown: to think it would be frowned upon? Those that resided in Gullborg had not been forgiven for their crude judgements, but she wouldn’t speak of that here. The porcelain’s gaze brushed over the ocean in silence — she was a queen, a blueblood of high hereditary — the warmth of the setting sun was slowly fading, though that mattered very little. Agile delicacies bled in the Malfoy’s veins, accompanied by featherfoot for a softer feel.

Water 0/15 | Kinetic 0/15 | Psychic 0/11 | Air 1/2.
Affliction 0/1 | Axon 0/1 | Neuron 0/1 | Blood Bound 0/1 | Water Whip 0/1 | Ice Point 0/1 | Water Knife 0/1 | Icicle 0/1 | Subzero 0/1 | Dart 0/1 | Negation 0/1.
Longevity 0/1 | Dismissal 0/1 | Fellowship 0/1 | Espy 0/1 | Restoration 0/1 | Counterspell 0/1 | Cure 0/1 | Rewind 0/1.
Agile ∞ | Persuasive ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

background from & image from

Wears a Golden Crown with woven-flora, Golden Bangle with dimonties, Golden Ring with pearlescent blue stones, Silver Cuff-Earrings with sapphires.
Possesses an imprintation of the Malfoy Crest (#7b2c00) on the left-foremost haunch.
Due to the Subzero, her skin is uncomfortably cold.

Narcissa is Immortal.


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