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All Welcome [M]End Me...

Maned wolf
© Abnormal
6 years
Height: 42 in
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Weight: 100 lbs

[M]End Me...

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Neberos Cerberus
I Became Insane, With Long Intervals Of Horrible Sanity

NOTE: Somethings may be disturbing to some readers. You have been warned.

Mindless, roaming with no direction. Neberos had survived for so long yet retained no memory nor knowledge of who he was. Seasons had passed and some how he had not died. Though he was coming to an end, his body rotting inside and out. Yet somehow he managed to move around. The undead were a strange type of creature. He couldn’t help but attack everything, he didn’t know right from wrong, he didn’t know his own name or who he was. Tongue hanging from his jaws, like a limp ribbon. Black fluid seeped from between rotted teeth that managed to stay in his head and not fall out. Ears flopped back against his skull, unable to stand due to decay. Tail limb behind him, fur almost completely gone, leaving a whip-like rat tail with patches of fur. Flies swarmed him like a plague, buzzing annoyingly inside and out of him. His stomach completely tucked up, torn and seeping black liquid which stained the inside of his hind legs and his underbelly.

Incapable or caring to clean it, as he could not feel it. Bite wounds, festered and rotting on his shoulders, sides and hind quarters. Skin tight against his boney body, displaying every inch and angle of his skeleton beneath. Pelt dull and dirty, dried blood and black goo would ooz from inside to out. Eyes milky white, yet he could faintly see movement from beneath them. Decay rittled him yet he was unaware that it was yet again the time of the year for Defros to create more of him. He had killed his own brother without even knowing. He had attacked others and murdered young and old. Yet no matter how much he ate, he was never full, he was always hungry, and it never stopped the decay...

Skin over his teeth was torn, revealing rotted teeth to the world. Gums were black, seeping black liquid. He gurgled and spat as grunts and growls vibrated vocals every step. He had a limp, he could barely move himself from being dead for so long, yet somehow the power of hunger drove him to move no matter what. He couldn’t stop, he needed to, he had to. Right cheek torn open to show further back teeth inside rotted mouth. Strands of tendons and muscles, black and frail looking. Holding his jaw up from staying open like a door. Spine between shoulders, revealed due to skin being torn, vertebrae poking out like a prehistoric dinosaur with spikes on it’s back.

Fur almost completely gone, leaving him looking like a naked maned wolf with patches that barely clung on. Black liquid oozed out of every opening. Dead blood that flowed through him, limping as he huffs and grunts. Almost dragging himself aimlessly through lands, expression was none existent.He had lived far too long, well... He had been dead far too long. Heaving himself without knowledge that he needed to stop... He was in endless darkness, unknowing of anything... His hearing was the only good thing about him and that was what drove him to wake up. Any sound of food or movement and he would awaken from his aimless wander, he loved to eat... He had to eat...

Neberos VS
42 in | 100lbs 
Health: Fair (due to being undead) 
Full Dodge: Unused 
Spars: 3W | 3L | 1D

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