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Hunt Zombie Ape

Aldrnari Knight
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Zombie Ape

Sive knew what time of the year it was, but she usually only went to the Trick or Treating, escorting her kids there so that they could have fun. She didn't really expect things to be different this year..but they were, weren't they? She didn't have any babes left to personally bring to the event. That was the first difference. The second difference was when she accidentally ran into an undead critter while on a stroll.

She paused as the laid eyes and nose upon the gorilla. It was clearly undead. Rotting, with part of its skull showing, there was no mistaking it. She tensed, thinking it belonged to another necromancer...but she saw and heard no one nearby. Large zombies needed their necromancer within eye distance. So, this one was just a wild one? Sive wasn't really offended by the idea, but the ape turned towards her with a bellow, clearly not feeling the same way.

Okay. Fine. You wanna tangle, monkey boy?

OC: Who wants to join the hunt? Sive needs at least one person! :D For info on undead hunts, see here!

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.

Sive is a necromancer, and any mentions of Sirath are in reference to her Undead Companion. She is a rainbow boa of about five feet. No one else can hear Sirath speak; only Sive can. Due to being blessed by Defros, she has his symbol on her lower back in his red. She wears small bones laced on a necklace.


Aldrnari Hunter
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5.5 years
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RE: Zombie Ape

He lived a life of what he was good at, nor did he breach what Frigga had told him. He was not told that he could not wander about. To his knowledge he had someone spying on him, or so he assumed. Someone who reported back on his whereabouts. Ears tilt back as the sound of heavy steps slowly thud across the ground in the distance. Horned skull lifts, what was that now? Wise tiger allowed lips to peel back gently, teeth flashing as hackles bristle. He shifted his position to lower to the ground, claws unsheath as he perches himself upon the floor. Violet eyes examine a rotting ape. Disgust hit his features as brow arches in curiosity, nose twitching to a stench that was indescribable.

Tongue pushes back within jaws as he fights the urge to gag. Straightening up, eyes would catch sight across the way of a hairless canine. Heart thuds loudly as he fights the urge to jump up. Was that Syfka? He could not smell who if was due to the awful scent of the ape. Eyes narrow as he looks over the brush before him and notices that though they were similar, it was not Syfka. Tail lashes as he sighs, he had not seen nor heard since before his release. He sunk down for a moment of depression to wash over him. Though seconds passed and he slowly lifted himself from the floor. Obviously the smaller wolf was there because it wanted to fight or hunt or hide... Sirus didn’t know but out of a whim of good faith, he wanted to help.

Circling wide around the ape to keep safe distance and keep hidden behind brush. As he came around, he would attempt to close the distance between himself and the smaller hairless wolf. Tail aiding in balance as hackles bristled upon his gunmetal spine. Horned skull lifting slight as violet eyes look to the small woman before staring at the ape. Eyes narrow as claws unsheath, digging into the dirt below him. Tail twitching and ready as he allows jaws to part, lips peel back as he watches the ape. Ready to launch, ready for anything. It looked like it was him, the small one and the ape. Though Sirus knew better than to judge a book by it’s cover, he was no concerned about the hairless woman’s ability to fight. Unless she sucked... Then he was screwed... Ears pin back to his skull as he lays in wait for the hairless woman to move, he was just her side kick... or well, back up... What ever she wanted, he would help.

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Blessed by Cyfton. the LeStrange slave brand.


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Aldrnari Resident
© Makao
2.00 years
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RE: Zombie Ape

Eir wanted to check on the outside world once again, now with adulthood upon her frame she didn't have limits anymore, she under the kingdom's law was free to roam out of the borders right? And so on she dared, she dared to step further, to allow her cyan eyes to meet whatever was out there. She was unaware of the time of the year, of what could be met upon in this ages. But well, she left , allowing her adventurous side to guide her this time.

-Time skip-

After some time she made it to a place she had never seen before, one with a mystical air. Where an impressive building rose upon the vegetation. But then, a rotten scent was caught on her nostrils, it was the scent of death. Curiosity upon her heart she looked around to see a gorilla, one that as per its appearance didn't seem alive. Parts of its bone could be seen and empty eyes stared at two creatures. Both carrying the kingdom's fragrance. In this case, she would give them extra jaws if needed, and with zero fear on her eyes, she stood there attempting to be next to the hairless canine. "I'll help." She said getting ready for directions.

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RE: Zombie Ape


Hunt is LEVEL 3 for all participants.

Sive - 6 - severe injury
Sirus - 2 - severe injury
Eir - 2 - severe injury



Hunt is LEVEL 3 for all participants.

Sive - 1 - light injury
Sirus - 3 - light injury
Eir - 1 - light injury


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