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Borders Ready or not, here I come

© Dikui
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Ready or not, here I come

Ooc: Please let Erling post a few times before joining! ^^

Torok was flirting with danger just being here. He could smell the borders of a group. He wasn't across the border, but he was still a bit too close for comfort. He had to figure out the group. Not join them, what a funny idea. It was knowledge he wanted. His life wasn't so safe. If anyone came for him, he would be dead meat. And being a rogue came with its own inherent dangers. He could starve, get attacked, freeze, or a million other things. It just made sense to know if he could trust anyone.

He didn't want them to know he was there, though. If he couldn't trust them, he didn't want them to know he existed.

Following the border, he accidentally snapped a twig under his paw. VENTRILOQUISM activated without his knowledge sending the sound to a few yards behind him. He started running, mind supplying many different examples of creatures. Monsters, some that probably didn't exist anywhere at all outside outside of his brain. Some that did, like the worst of all Seiko. The liar, the killer. Once his father.

Without knowing it, he had sprinted several yards into the pack territory before managing to calm down enough to stop running.


Aldrnari Resident
© Marissa
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RE: Ready or not, here I come

Salvi was still learning.

However, that didn't mean he didn't think himself capable to keep up with his mother. Why he had decided to follow her to the reaches of the territory was a selfish one. He wanted to spend time with her without another coming in the way. So, with that, he continued to follow her without compliant. He was going to make sure that she was aware that he would be able to handle everything.

Despite the fact that he was only six months old.

No, maybe because he was six months old. He didn't want to be treated like a baby-baby. He was no longer that small, thank you. Rai made sure that her little shadow was able to keep up with her. She never had a problem with a child following after her when she moved about the territories. It was how they learned, it was how they gathered strength. She had intended to head toward the borders this trip but it seemed that her son had a different plan in mind.

Since he had followed her, it wasn't like she'd be able to actually bring him there - not when he was so young still. Salvi wasn't paying much attention to surroundings and that was probably why he had missed the scent of stranger. Rai, however, experienced as she was, had not. She paused, her nose twitching as she noticed that they had actually gone closer to the borders than she had intended. It was then that she noticed that the scent was coming from a pup that had managed to find his way into the territory.

"Hey kid," she greeted, the lion cub pausing, his eyes narrowing as he took in the stranger. Hackles had risen as he stood by his mother's side, ready to pounce if need be.

Because while his mother fighting a kid might be frowned upon, Salvi doing it could be written off as child behavior. "You alone?"

OC Note: PPed Rai as she is my own character. As Rai is the leader of Aldrnari, she'd be here before her kid.

Salvi speaks | Rai speaks


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