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Private Exploration [Helu/Kari Fam]

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Exploration [Helu/Kari Fam]

Yngvi stood outside of the house, his lips peeled back into a wide grin.

He hadn't exactly managed to break free from the babysitter (aka his mother) but that didn't matter to him. His ears flicked as he listened to the sounds around him. He was standing outside of the house, ready for adventure, ready to do something other than remain inside of the peninsula. He was old enough that he could explore without adult supervision. So he took off, his little paws (grown though they were, they were still small in comparison) moving as fast as he could get them to work.

He stood little chance for him to break free from the adult wolf. She didn't even have to break a sweat to catch up to him. He glanced over his shoulder, a challenge inside of his dichromatic eyes. He didn't know how long they ran or where exactly his mother tended to herd him.

When he was exhausted, they'd walk and when he had a spurt of energy, they'd run again. It didn't matter what they were doing, as long as he was doing it with a family member. He hadn't realized that time had gotten away from him. He hadn't been concern about the fact that they were in a new part of the territory. A part that he hadn't been to before.

With wide eyes, he stood in shock as he took in everything. The crash of the waterfall hitting the bottom could be heard in the distance as Yngvi blinked his eyes in shock. "Where are we?" His voice was full of awe as he asked his mother the question, hoping for a quick response. "The Marrok," she easily responded as she stood beside her son as he attempted to get his head around the new territory.

OC Note: PPed Kari as she is my own character.

Yngvi speaks | Kari speaks


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