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Festival Feast of the Dead [AW]

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Feast of the Dead [AW]

The Death Bringer soared in the Eternal Realm until time tallied right -- she knew exactly what the mortal’s had been up to, and the loss of many only invigorated another cycle of rebirth. Well, to an extent, of course. Some might presume her to be a bad omen, but what of the times when she sought to exceed expectations and bring the dead back to life?

Spirits, for one, were an honor to conceal.

However, as for today, a festival like always was more than overdue. Appearing from the shadows in harboring darkness and wisped feathers, Kulla’s talons reaped atone a branch from a deadwood tree - its creaking was ignored, eeriness filtered like a graveyard’s yawn. This was where she affronted the festival each year, and the permeation of death only additioned this unique blessing. Bones did not decay as they scattered near and far, skeletal remains strewn across the barren wasteland, soiled in rot. At the heart sat a crumbling monolith, its mausoleum of marble and stone weathered against the test of time; however, what creates the large resting place is a garish tomb of obscure stone, minced with obsidian through its cold exterior. In all of that, stairs led up to the entrance of a crumbled monument -- on either side lay identical, raven statues, guarding it in a life-like and eerie manner. The Bringer of Death knew this very well, for it was hers to call home. Skulls were inlaid in the walls and ceiling, whereas a chandelier made of bone hung from above, rocking back and forth against fall’s wind.

She was sure to have the torches inspire a hint of light, though their age caused flickering in spite of magic continuing to weave among it. There were many things that draped this landscape into perfection, but its waning sought otherwise; mist hung heavy, unsettling the silence as hallowed graves sat nearby.

Kulla rather enjoyed the company of emptiness and shattered bones.

All the wars, battles and deaths were simply a part of life -- living only opened a road to an end, did it not? Just for a while, the raven would instill that desire of happiness and yearning to those that understood loss, or knew someone that was no longer mortal; a cornucopia wove from the dust, blankets etched to offer comfort for those that wished to attend. Sown in violet, their placement resided beneath the base of the monumental and dead tree. But that was not all: fresh fruit and vegetables laid atop a table, various meats (cooked and uncooked) presented in an admirable fashion. Whatever a mortal desired, it would be there. However, Kulla also invested time into weaving a special treat, adding pumpkins, apple muffins, sweetened candy, and roasted pumpkin seeds in their own set of bowls. This would be enough for now, because her sole purpose for being here was now festering from the shadows of magic – feathers worn, smoke entwining, the Death Bringer awakened the souls of those that do not normally cross back into the mortal realm after passing. At the arms of opening, the dead would thus walk among earth once again, just for a little while. “Creatures of Yavania,” Words strung in cold, uncanny tones, reaching into the minds of every mortal, “Come, feast with the living dead.” It was a gesture that rang on low hums, wings spread to exercise her power among the graveyard once more.

Once done, the raven would slip into the shadows, never to be seen.

Until Oct 31st, Kulla is allowing the dead to visit the mortal realm in a ghost-like form called Spirits. They cannot interact physically with the living or use magic. Only creatures who have died in Yavania may come back as spirits. To see who those characters are, see the Births, Deaths, & Spirits page. They may post here OR make a thread elsewhere.

To participate, make a thread marked with [FotD] in one of the Divine Lands. To post a dead character (if they're account is deleted), use your OC account and say in an OC note who you are posting with (unless you have a PS of your character with their name on it). If you do not have an OC account, make one to participate.

Attending this thread will grant your character 4 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attended Feast of the Dead." Additionally, your character can also claim 4 AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."

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RE: Feast of the Dead [AW]

Vox heard the call and immediately began to make her way over. It felt important to be there quickly. Arriving quietly, she hung back, away from the raven. It reeked of death. She had tasted the dark bitterness of death before. She had no wish to partake of it again. She had felt its icy breath on her neck in her father's dungeons. It had wanted her then, and she had almost given in. So many times... Her nails dug into the ground. She was ready to run if this became less harmless that she hoped. She had not fought so hard to escape to succumb once freedom was in her grasp.

The raven had said that they would feast with the living dead. What did that mean? Would- would the dead come alive again today? That was impossible! Right?

Without her permission, DAEMON activated. Her shadow flicked an ear, then shook its head gently. Vox stared down, disbelieving. What madness had struck her now? Well, if she was mad, might as well enjoy it. "Hello," she breathed softly. It didn't respond verbally, but it flicked its ear again. "If you can understand me, open your mouth." It opened its mouth as soon as she finished speaking. There was a small grin on Vox's face and she didn't care. This was the strangest thing that had ever happened to her, and she couldn't say she didn't find it interesting.

"Okay. Flick your ear for yes, shake your head for no. Should I give you a name?" It flicked its ear. She thought for a moment. "Amicus Umbra. That is your name, if you want it?" The shadow flicked its ear again and she thought she saw it smile.

She didn't smile back, but there was a joy, a light in her eyes, that all her carefully crafted walls couldn't disguise.

Translation: Amicus Umbra = Shadow Friend


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