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[T-Day](Brynjar)Thank you

Eir was on a mission, a mission herself wanted to do. A mission that more than for herself was for those who now lived with her, for those who became her traveling partners. Food was the quest, and counting in that all of them were carnivores, she would need to hunt enought for them and herself. Was she asked to do this? No, at all, this was her idea, what she wanted to do, and nothing or no one will stop her.

It was afternoon, with the skies painted in shades of red and orange. The young warrior patrolled the field in search of anything she could bring back to her friends. Her nose helped her navigate across the peaceful garden. Her cyan eyes scrutinized the surroundings, on alert to any sound, to any movement. After half an hour, in a clean space, she could hear the familiar sounds of Turkey. In silence she observed, lowering her body, using a bush as coverage. From there, she saw a group of said avians, 10 in total. There, her predator instincts started to act upon her, making her focus be total. No sound, no distraction was going to take away her center. So she started to stalk them, trying to pick a target, and for her luck, she saw one that was a bit far from the flock. Nodding she approached, being as silent as she could.

Once she considered the distance was fine, she prepared her limps and muscles. And then, in an explosion she started to run as fast as she could, going after her target.

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