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All Welcome Tiny Twiggy Legs

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Tiny Twiggy Legs

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Abraxas Bast

And I think it's gonna be a long, long, time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home

Abraxas was in Marrok Falls, just about to make his way home. He had spent a bit of time up north in Jacaranda Garden, and decided to take a detour here before heading home. He loved it up there, being surrounded by all the purple flowers that the gardens had. However it was fall, and frankly there were not many flowers left to look at, so he traveled up there to take a peek before winter came. Perhaps he could go and visit come springtime, though it may be a strain on Lucien’s leg if he wanted both Lucien and Nashad to join him. Maybe he could bring some flowers back for the both of them. ”Nashad would probably like that… Lucien… would poke fun at me.” He was just guessing though, he did not know them well enough to know that is how they would act.

However, here at the falls an incoming thunderstorm took Abraxas completely by surprise as it suddenly began to pour rain, a crack of thunder sounding somewhere nearby followed by a flash caused him to jump. "AHHHH!” He hated thunderstorms, loathed them. He was a grown man, scared of the weather, he couldn’t help being skittish though. Abraxas began to run to try and get home quicker. He did not want to stay here, not for long at least.

However the second crack of thunder sounded much closer letting him know that the storm was passing by right above him. Due to its proximity the crack of thunder caused his ears to ring and caused him to activate shift for the first time out of fear. Abraxas swiftly changed into a light tan fennec fox complete with his iconic kohl eyeliner, and his neck feathers. His jewelry remained on him like normal, as did his unique blue lotus and jasmine scent. It was clear this was him, though he no longer smelled like an AWD.

"What the hell!? What is even going on!?” His voice was much higher now due to his smaller body, in fact everything around him looked huge. It was scary, but what scared Abraxas more, was the current thunderstorm looming overhead. He needed to focus on safety first. Struggling to get used to the smaller form he was trying to make his way back home. This was now going to take at least twice as long due to this form. He could figure out what was happening to him later, right now he needed to get out of the rain and out of this madness. His new small body was drenched and he was shivering. Though he hated caves, it seemed like he would have to wait out yet another thunderstorm in one of them.

He tried to run towards a nearby cave entrance. Though, he wasn’t used to his new small body quite yet and ended up slipping, his body hitting the mud as he sprained his left front ankle. His tiny thin twiggy little ankle. "Owwwwwww.” Abraxas groaned at his injury. First the weather, then the magic, and now an injury… things could be going so much better for him.

He pulled himself out of the mud and limped his way into the cave entrance. He was grumpy... a tiny, grumpy, cold, wet, injured fennec fox. He curled up as tightly as he could around four feet within the mouth of the cave. His eyes narrowed in disapproval and his ears flattened to his head as he looked grumpily at the rain falling down with seemingly no end. He didn’t like caves. He hated caves. Caves sucked.

Still shivering, Abraxas sneezed. He better not get a cold from this, or Nashad and Lucien will be upset, and knowing himself any kinda cold would take him down for awhile.


oc note: Current weather- Thunderstorm: Rain, lightning, thunder, mud.

Oc note. Contrary to the table… Abraxas is currently in shift an 8 inch tall 2.5 lb male Fennec Fox. He has his neck feathers, jewelry, unique scent, and unique kohl eyeliner markings. He has a grade 1 sprain on his front left paw.

Abraxas has an Arabic accent and due to pheromones smells like a blend of Jasmine and Blue Lotus. He wears a necklace made of large sapphires, turquoise, and gold in the shape of a winged beetle.


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