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Private [Helu] Din Din

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[Helu] Din Din

She headed back toward the peninsula. She had been on patrol for a while. She was exhausted and hungry. All she wanted to do was fall against Helu and sleep for the next twenty hours. It would never happen, not with her being queen and with Helu being head chef (basically only chef). And then there was the factor of the two kids. Kari was sure she could trust Soini to care of them for a while but she couldn’t always use the boy (man) all the time. With a heavy sigh. She walked past the kitchens, paused and turned her attention to it. Possibly kill two birds with one stone? She was about eighty percent certain that Helu was there. She would rather check here first before heading home. What if she would walk all the way to the house, only to find Helu not there? Sh; be so annoyed with herself. Making that choice, Kari headed into the kitchens. She didn’t bother to actually check if Helu was here or not before she whined. ”Helu....” She plastered a pout upon her face as she continued. ”Feed me.”


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RE: [Helu] Din Din

Ħelu Għasel

I may be sweet, but even honey can become bitter.

Helu was working in the kitchens making sure things were prepped for the next day. Noam had been complaining lately about the speed of things, but he grew up with the old kitchen, where there were a lot of people working inside the room each with a different task. It was efficient, it was nice. They did not expect that Yngvi or Sahha would want to become a chef like them, Noam was more of a jack-of-all-trades than anything. But they would never snuff down the idea of having more help. Maybe they could learn that magic Kari had, the species changing one. If they could have hands… things would go quicker. There were many things that would help to make cooking quicker. But the list of things needed so that they could even make the things that would be helpful for the kitchen… That was a Noam question, not a Helu question.

They had a boar’s leg slow cooking in the oven for awhile along with their food of choice (fish). They had timed things perfectly and both of the meats should be done very shortly. Helu always had food cooking in the kitchen, knowing Kari and their brother liked to stop by for a bite. It was not just for the two of them either, but they were the two most common people who dropped by. Well, them and the kiddos. They so loved their children. Speaking of love… the sound of footsteps approaching. A familiar voice whined their name. ‘Helu…’ A warm smirk came to their face as they walked out of the cooler and spotted their mate, a pout on her face. ”Awwwww. She is adorable.”

‘Feed me.’ Helu couldn’t help but softly giggle at Kari as they walked out of the cooler and attempted to walk up to her. A teasing smirk plastered on their face, their eyes narrowed, dancing with amusement. “Always my love. Though, I’m not nursing right now, so boar’s leg will have to do.” They enjoyed teasing Kari. She could more than take what they could give her.

Helu attempted to stretch their head up and give Kari a kiss on the cheek. “You want any sides? I’ll spoil you tonight.” They were not sure how hungry she was, but they could whip her up something more if she needed it. Food was one of the ways they enjoyed spoiling her.

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dom90nic & Mark Dumont

Helu is a hermaphrodite which leads them to have both a male and female smell. Due to pheromones they always smell like honey.


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