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Oct. 16th - Nov. 30th

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All Welcome Magic comes and goes.

Aldrnari King
© Lizzy
4 years
Height: 40 in
Posts: 232
AP: 82AP
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Weight: 180 lbs

Magic comes and goes.

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif walked the borders. It was something that was calming. No need for him to think about much if all he did was walk. After he finished he moved in land. Avrid had been telling him how to fly even if he wasn't as good as he wanted to be he could. Only problem when she was out, he couldn't change his shape and vice versa. So he had to remember everything she said. Which was an easy task but putting it into real life was a bit different. Although as he could feel when she felt he knew the basics. Even when he was younger him and Murtagh tried to learn how to fly. It didn't work so well for him. His aunt had offered but they never got around to it.

Herleif used shift to change into a golden eagle. It was similar to Avrid but a tiny bit bigger. He put his wings over to the side as he practised standing on two legs. Avrid's words coming to mind. 'Center yourself on your talons, they will grip the ground and keep you upright. Lean your chest out slightly and don't lean back too far. When you want to take off flap your wings till you feel the air catch you. That's the important part. You need to feel the air or you will fall flat on your face.' Her words rang in his head as he flapped his wings. It had been awhile since he tried to fly but with Avrid helping to teach him he was getting better. He could now hover and flap to get into the air for a few moments. Which, as he flapped he felt the wind beneath him and slowly rose, before he dropped back to the ground.

Electricity - 0/6
Bardic - 0/6
Anima - 4/6
Eidetic Memory | Investigator | Tracker | Stealthy |
Shift - 0/1 | Disguise - 0/1 | Clarity 0/1 | Bulwark 0/1

Actions. | "Herleif" "Avrid" | 'Thoughts.'

Wolf stock (Kati H.) | Overlay (kerast)

Herleif wears a small leather code with the rune for Aldrinari on it. It grants him Anima magic.


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