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All Welcome {Iwao} New Faces and Fast Paces {M}

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RE: {Iwao} New Faces and Fast Paces {M}

Revery frowned, as his electric charges, or static didn't give him the reaction he expected from Rai, his eyes alight with a wild determination despite the setback. When the rebel's kick landed, barely doing anything, panic washed over him, his once determined eyes widened, fear visible in them. Shaking his head in disappointment with himself, how could he have thought that him, an animal dwarfed in size compared to the royal, could even move her in the slightest.

When Rai lifted the rebel by the scruff, the ground beneath him, was no longer toughing his paws, sending him in a panic. Revery didn't even want the royal's maw anywhere near his scruff, none the less for her to pick him up by his scruff. Panicked, his breaths became labored as the wolf moved along.

Growling, Revery simultaneously attempted to wriggled out of the woman's grip, kicking, and swinging his head about with reckless abandon. The dhole would wince against the diminutive amount of pain, continuing his wild thrashing. Simultaneously the rebel tried to manage to land a soft blow to Rai's larynx, which would make the boy smile, part of his hope rekindled. Quickly he glanced to where he'd left Iwao to see the fox with Perses and a large feline, rolling his eyes he dismissed his burst of curiosity. Revery has more pressing matters, then why the flea bag was here, nor did he want to even deal with him no matter the situation.

Rai vs. Revery
For escape
Move 3/3
3 days
18 in and 30.4 lbs
Excellent health
Dodge unused

He walks | He Speaks" | Magic

OOC ⟶ OOC text here
Psychic: 0/2 | Electricity: 0/2 | Companion: 0/1 | Echo: 0/1 | Chameleon: 0/1 | Specimen:

Image by ExcelGlen@Flickr| Texture by Frostbo | Texture by Fune-Stock @DA | Table by Silverfrost

Revery is rated [M] for his excessive cursing, in no way do his, thoughts, words, or actions reflect on the roleplayer controlling him.

Revery has a 4.5 pound Kod Kod Companion that's named Maggie, she sound like Trina Nishimura, the dubbed voice actor of Kyoka Jiro.


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RE: {Iwao} New Faces and Fast Paces {M}

(This post was last modified: 12-29-2019, 05:53 PM by Iwao. Edited 1 time in total.)

A new voice spoke up, this one different. A female's voice he had not heard before. Another one? This place is crawling with them.he thought to himself as he glanced around and when he saw no one he glanced back at the wolf and narrowed his eyes towards the bird. so the chicken talks, does she? he said, half amused. Odd....

Shaking his head he gave an open mouth grin, the corners of his lips turned upwards. "I faired well. I broke away from countless rules and I still am breathing." the fox said flatly, his dark green eyes glaring at the raven. Stupid Chicken.

His eyes went back to Perses when the wolf started to speak again. He told of where he was from and about what happened before and after he joined the Kingdom. The fox had to agree that perhaps tribes, groups, or whatever they wanted to call themselves had some advantage to protecting the young but still.. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't bring himself to like them, after all it was the rules that he lived under that killed his sister and mother and caused his father to go mental to the point the male couldn't recognize him. The fox had lived in a place that was referred to as a village that consisted of families that were higher ups and other minor families that didn't seem to matter much but all of the families lived under one headship that ruled them with an iron paw, evil minded and battle thirsty. Now he felt it hard to see any other place as good and it would take a good soul to change his mind.

"My lands? Ugly." The fox said with a shrug, it was clear he had no loyalty to his homelands. " A place that was covered in sand for miles with very little greenery, no beauty and a lot of hate. Iwao replied flatly and let his gaze return to the Dhole and the Wolf. "Iwao." the fox answered the question about his name, unless asked he wasn't going to freely give it. Why should he. Keeping his eyes on the sparring creatures he didn't notice the massive cat approaching him and Perses until it was in front of them and speaking. Iwao blinked and looked up at the cat and again the thought more? crossed his mind and his ears lay flat against his skull. The words spoken by the creature amused him. Perking his ears he tilted his head and offered an odd smile, a forced smile. "Greetings Feline." he barked, choosing to ignore the words spoken by the large cat. He wasn't about to let the cat win this one.

He walks | "He talks" | Magic

OOC ⟶ OOC text here
Shadow: 0/2 | Air: 0/2

Image from Pixabay | Texture by templep2k2@DA Texture by Bnspyrd | Table by Silverfrost


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Wink  RE: {Iwao} New Faces and Fast Paces {M}

(This post was last modified: 12-29-2019, 06:47 PM by Perses. Edited 1 time in total. Edit Reason: Forgot magic stats )
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Crowley scoffed, voicing Perses's inner feelings. "You're one of the lucky ones. But not everyone can be so lucky."

The red-eyed wolf tilted his head as the fox spoke of his lands. He couldn't imagine that much sand unless on a sea shore. But sea shores had trees. He did note the fox's name, Iwao.

The beast smiled as he saw Xewk. He would have greeted him but he didn't want to interrupt the king. That would be terribly rude. He listened. Though he did look confused when the king said that his presence now made Iwao's predicament look worse.

The male thought, Eidetic Memory allowing him to recall the prior meetings. The first time meeting1, the mountain lion had been quick to identify himself. And the second time where it seemed like the male had been meeting new people2, he had also been quick to introduce himself. What was different this time?

Iwao was a rogue.

The giant decided to ask the mountain lion. Reaching out with Telepathy, the beast asked: 'Are you not introducing yourself because Iwao is a rogue?'

Both raven and wolf turned when the fox spoke. The beast's ears flinched back and his face held the ghost of a snarl for the shortest moment before he composed himself. It wouldn't do any good to start a fight with the fox. It would be an unfair battle. However, the raven spoke instead, hopping to the beast's head who allowed her to.

"Does 'breaking free from rules' also include manners? Because you don't have any manners or respect." The beast didn't react like the first time or any time that the raven snapped. Because he agreed with his familiar's assessment. That Iwao was rude.

"You should treat everyone with respect. You never know who could set you on fire," the crimson-eyed Cadet added, tilting his head towards Rai who had used fire magic prior.

The male remembered that Xewk was right there. He looked at the male, activating Telepathy. Sorry,' he said, dipping his head towards the male.

OOC ⟶ Perses rn
Anima: 4/15 | Psychic: 2/5 | Earth: 0/5 | Camouflage: 0/1

Actions | Magic | "Perses speaks" | 'Perses thinks' | 'Telepathy' | "Crowley Speaks" | 'Crowley Thinks'
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Wolf by Sas. R @Dawnthieves | Crow from Pixabay | Texture by Hexe78 @DA | Texture by Hexe78 @DA

Perses wears a black leather collar with a raven pendant

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RE: {Iwao} New Faces and Fast Paces {M}

10 default total points available per round

Per Round Deductions:
-2 | unrealistic damage
-1 | semi-realistic damage
-1 | damage lacks important detail or clarity
-2 | unrealistic counter
-1 | semi-realistic counter
-1 | counter lacks important detail or clarity
-2 | unrealistic attack
-1 | semi-realistic attack
-1 | attack lacks important detail or clarity
-0.5 | per defense missing/not mentioned why missing
-2 | powerplaying/godmoding/metagaming
-1 | attack does not fit spar type

Final Tally:
-1 | opponent's side has 3+ more opponents than your side
+1 | experience advantage (3+ more spars than opponent)
+1 | magic advantage (5+ more spells than opponent)
+1 | size advantage (weight only, 50+ lbs difference)
+0.5 | size advantage (weight only, +20 - 49 lbs difference)
+0.5 | speed advantage < 10 mph faster (see Speed page; only counts for land animal vs land animal)
+1 | speed advantage > 10 mph faster (see Speed page; only counts for land animal vs land animal)
+1 | environment taken into account (per round)
+1 | creativity
+3 | excellent health
+2 | good health
+1 | fair health
+0 | poor health


Health: +3
Size Advantage: +1
Speed Advantage: N/A
Magical Advantage: +1
Experience: +1
Environment: +1 (R1, R2, R3)
Bonus Total: 9
Move 1 (10)
-0 | all defenses set
Move 2 (10)
-0 | all defenses set
Move 3 (10)
-0 | all defenses set


Health: +3
Size Advantage: N/A
Speed Advantage: +0.5
Magical Advantage: N/A
Experience: N/A
Environment: +0
Bonus Total: +3.5
Move 1 (8.5)
-1.5 | Defenses missing- Raised hackles, lowering head, opening jaw.

-Narrowed eyes mentioned but aimed at wrong target. (Aimed at Maggie/ companion) will still count.

(It is unrealistic to go from 0 to 30 from a dead stand when Rai is only six feet away. Then to have successfully reached 30 mph, then go to 33, and then run 144 feet in three seconds is a lot of ‘successful’ ground to cover without letting the other RPer intervene, it is also unrealistic. I did not take points off this time as this is your first spar.) (If you find information saying this is possible for your species I highly suggest you tag it on OC completely after your table in your post to show where you are finding your proof from.)

Move 2 (4.5)
-2.5 |Defenses missing. Narrowing eyes, wrinkled muzzle, bending legs/widening stance/ tucking tail/ raising tail/ using tail for balance, lowering head, opening jaw

Even if your character does not want to or can’t set a defense (like Revery cannot set bending legs due to being in the air.) You MUST mention why your character is not setting their defenses.

-1 |Attack does not fit spar type- Since Revery is attacking back, this is no longer an ‘escape’ spar for him this would be a ‘self defense’ spar.

-2 | First strike for godmoding -- 2 attacks non-simultaneously. --- Revery activated static before Rai picked him up. (‘When the bulky woman lunged at the teen...’) Then Revery attacked again after being picked up by twisting himself around and attempting to kick Rai’s front legs. (‘...spinning his body so his hind legs faced the wolf, his scruff twisting in her grasp before attempting to buck the royal's front legs…’)

A note on both the static and the second attack. Static does not produce ‘yellow electricity’. It also only provides audible noise upon touch. Be careful when casting spells to stick to their description. This would have gotten points taken off as a -2 for unrealistic damage due to the improper description of the spell.

As for the second attack, Revery twisting himself around while being bit on the scruff would have caused severe tearing on his scruff and major pain. This would have also been a deduction of points due to the damage of this move not being mentioned. This would have also wounded him and made it harder for him to fight.

Move 3 (2)
-4 | Defenses missing. Narrowing eyes, flattening ears, wrinkled muzzle, raised hackles, bending legs/widening stance, tucking tail/ raising tail/ using tail for balance, lowering head, opening jaw.

-2 | Unrealistic damage- ‘ Growling, Revery simultaneously attempted to wriggled out of the woman's grip, kicking, and swinging his head about with reckless abandon. The dhole would wince against the diminutive amount of pain, continuing his wild thrashing.’ Even though Revery caused this pain to himself, as I mentioned above, just him twisting around could tear his scruff. So, to kick, swing his head, and thrash around with ‘reckless abandon’ it would be a considerable (moderate to severe) amount of pain, and there would be tearing, and damage to himself.

-1 | Attack lacks important detail or clarity- ‘Simultaneously the rebel tried to manage to land a soft blow to Rai's larynx, which would make the boy smile, part of his hope rekindled.’ What body part did he try and hit her with?

-1 | Attack does not fit spar type- Since Revery is attacking back, this is no longer an ‘escape’ spar for him this would be a ‘self defense’ spar.


Verdict: As the points show Rai is the winner and Revery is now her hostage. Revery cannot try to escape for 7 oc days from this judgement day.

Good first time spar! Some take back notes would be to not forget to mention the environment, or setting your defenses. (or explaining why they were not set.) It would help Citrus, to be a bit clearer on your posts, it seemed as though you were a bit all over, perhaps focusing in on something you wish for your character to do per post. Though it was an awesome first spar! <3


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