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Truth or Dare [M]

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Bug  Truth or Dare [M]

So, I am going to hope all of you know how to play truth or dare, but I will show you guys how this will work.


1. All dares HAVE to be IC.

2. If you choose dare you MUST provide a link with proof.

3. After Answering, leave a Dare, IC Truth, and OC Truth Option


Dare:Your character has to fall dramatically in a thread of your choice

OC Truth: When in your life do you think you've been the happiest

IC Truth: What is one of your character's views on families and settling down.

Karen: Dare (Proof: *Insert nonexistent link*)

OC Truth: Have you ever ghosted a close friend?

IC Truth: Have any of your characters murdered another?

Dare: Your character has to flirt with someone with a thread.

!O F F I C I A L S T A R T E R!

Dare: Your character has to accidentally eat dirt, sand, soil, or gravel in a thread of your choice.

IC Truth: Is your character a spiritual or religious animal, if so is their a reason?

OC Truth: What made you start role-playing?


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RE: Truth or Dare [M]

Choice - OC Truth : I started role-playing when I was younger because my older brother was into it and I did basically everything he did XD Now, I got back into it because it gives me a creative outlet, hones my writing skills, and it's something my GF and I can do together/share in common


Dare: Your character has to attempt to give another character a smooch without warning

IC Truth: Does your character think family or personal gain is more important?

OC Truth: What do you do when you are feeling down?


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