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Borders Are you my mommy?(Akeela)

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RE: Are you my mommy?(Akeela)

Perses was starting to internally panic. He knew that the Kingdom was a powerful group and the Legion as small at they were could not afford to be considered an enemy. This was not good for the realm. He knew that the decision that the Queen had made was not a good decision, but the response from Queen Frigga's advisior and King Xewk made things worse.

The Oathsworn couldn't help but agree with Noam and Xewk though. The tigress was not operating in the best interest of the Realm and the child. The mountain lion king gave Akeela a second chance. The beast did not think Akeela was a Dictator and the Legion was not a Dictatorship. The Kingdom would not help a dictatorship. The Legion did not need to be considered as one by the Kingdom.

By the grace of the stars and the spirits, the Queen saw reason. She gave the red-eyed Lord a glance of apology. And then she spoke, choosing the first option, to give Kohana to the Kingdom. A small nod was given from the wolf, showing agreement with the Queen. He hoped it was enough to show that the Queen was not a dictator.

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RE: Are you my mommy?(Akeela)

Xewk heard his mate’s words via link. Yes. The intentions of the Young Queen were good, trying to help out a child. Perhaps he didn’t voice his opinion clearly enough to his mate. Link activated in an attempt after he got done speaking. ”I agree… her intentions are good, however she is going about them a bit poorly. That is what I wish to make clear.” Xewk wasn’t a hard ass. Though probably some outsiders or even Perses may see him as such. He though Queen Akeela had her priorities out of order, clearly, and he was roughly setting them straight. Though… he felt strangely like a stern dad verses a leader from another realm.

Noam watched as Frigga spoke, then she turned to look at him, and noise suddenly entered his head. No… not just noise, a voice. Her… voice? Ohhhhh my heavens… her lips were not moving but she was… saying… stuff. Well, Frigga was so dang lucky Noam went deaf at a year old, and not born deaf. He heard what a good amount of words sounded like. Though, there were a few that were missing. She called him an advisor, which Noam had all but shrugged off earlier and just talk but now she wanted to give him the role of… ??? of the… what he was assuming to be her council. He thinks. So.. that word was… Verja? Only made sense to offer her own council first. So, that’s what Verja sounded like? Weird. But she offered an alternative name he didn’t know the sound of. From what it sounded like though, she really wanted him on the council. Noam spoke in Old Norse because he wasn’t sure exactly the sensitivity of the info, "I accept the council position of… whatever the name is. As for the options you gave, just place me wherever I can help the most. Though, the whole place runs like a unit anyways. So I’ll let you decide.” He gave a grin before looking back to find Kohana toddling towards him, falling back onto her rump looking wide-eyed. She pointed to his pouch, which he still had his hands in and asked what was in there. Noam gave a big smile to Kohana and pulled his hand out, showing her there was nothing in them. "Just my hands. You want to get in the pouch?” He tilted his head and looked at her with warm eyes. This kid was adorable.

Xewk had heard Noam’s words spoken in Old Norse and refrained from showing surprise. However, he was. Frigga must have said something to him telepathically, and by judging on Noam’s words, it had something to do with accepting a position in council. Using Link he attempted to speak to his mate again via their connection, letting his amusement shine though, ”I haven’t seen him ‘let’ anyone decide anything for him other than Helu. Which means, whatever you said, you stumped him on something. He was born partially deaf, though lost it fully at a year old. So he has heard some words, but it’s best for him to read lips, or read writing. I know that he learned Old Norse and some other languages when he became fully deaf, so… whilst he can say it, he probably has little clue what it sounds like, having learnt by mimicry, vibrations, and I assume much trial and error. So said he, once. Fascinating isn’t it?” Xewk didn’t speak with pity in the slightest, in fact he admired Noam’s persistence in learning how to thrive in the land they came from, even with his disability.

Xewk listened to the younger Queen’s words of apology as well as her answer to the options he provided. Giving a nod of his head he let a small smile appear on his face, ”Everyone makes mistakes Queen Akeela. Though as a leader, there is more weight behind every word you say, so you should feel comfortable and believe in whatever you speak, as well as make sure that weight is working for your realm, not against it. and…” He paused looking over at Noam. ”I am sure you can see that Kohona will be in more than capable hands.”

Noam caught the end of what the Young Queen said, and then caught was Xewk said. Looks like he was taking care of this little one. First a snake baby, now a koala baby, and he was just fine with that. "I’d be more than happy to.” He gave a large smile to Kohana and spoke gently to her, "You wanna come home with me? I got lots of yummy leaves for you to eat, and I can climb in a tree with you. It will be a bunch of fun.” It was always best to make the kid think it was their idea in going somewhere new. At least, in this case he thought it was.

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