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All Welcome Well this sucks

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RE: Well this sucks


Don't act like you're not impressed.

He frowned as Salazar spoke. Damn it seemed like he just couldn't get a break with his family. Kinda like him. He didn't even get to mourn the loss of his best friend before he was killed. Then he didn't even know if Kat was alive. Everything just sucked. "You got the short end of a shit stick man. But i gotta ask how were you 'transported'. Doesn't sound like you were going willingly." He asked curiously. Was there magic that could transport them a crossed the land? He was not too sure about that.

He let out a sigh at Salazar's question. He moved his head to look around. "I'm not a spirit. I can't go down there. I was able to see Fuli only because of Kulla's festival. That was the last time i'd seen her. All the rest of the time i'm stuck up here." He said sadly. What he wouldn't give to be a spirit. Then he could go down and search for his family and be able to stay near Fuli.

"Nah I've fought bigger animals than you. I'd definitely win. And I respect those that earn it." He said cockily. He was joking around completely but he was always one to stir the pot. It was fun.

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RE: Well this sucks

How was he and his family transported? He didn't really know, he passed out during the fight and when he woke up he knew he wasn't where he was supposed to be. "I don't know, probably magic." He thought back to how Anjay has teleported he and Sanstrasa across the lands to their judgement day. But he had always wondered what would have happened if he had just stayed back. It was a strange 'what if' thought and so he pushed it away. Best not to dwell.

"I don't know how I remain trapped between the two worlds. But, i'd like to think it's Avatar Syuna who blessed me. Maybe she saw a greater purpose for me and decided to keep me around." Well, it was something he hoped.

Salazar raised a brow before giving a 'yeah, I don't believe that, but suuuure' look. "Didn't anyone ever tell you size doesn't matter? That it's the quality that counts?" It didn't matter that this cheetah may or may not have taken on bigger opponents. For all he knew, those bigger creatures could have been crap at fighting!

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