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All Welcome Come to me

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RE: Come to me

Rodrigo Lebraid-Grennian

Mama, we all go to hell

A snarl echoed through Rodrigo as he heard Adrian tell him what happened. That piece of fucking shit. He didn't want that man as king. He wanted to see him burn. He knew his mother would kill the filth. She was the Queen -- despite what anyone said -- and was the strongest and most dangerous person he knew.

The scion's muzzle wrinkled as the man responded. He wanted to rip his tongue from his throat. How dare he? The male stood beside his brother, a snarl ripped through his body, long canines in full display.

And then another voice, a quiet one spoke. This was Adrian's adopted child? She was a cheetah, a young one. But, they needed to continue the dynasty and it seemed like the quilled son was the first. The male turned his sightless eyes and horned head towards the child.

"Hello Naree," the beast hissed. His voice almost kind but not at the same time. "I am your uncle, Rodrigo." They were family. Everyone who wasn't them was an enemy. She was not, blood related or adopted, she was one of them.

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT. Posting Avi in a minute ilu all
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RE: Come to me

Avinalora padded through Havok. She collected some herbs in her satchel: horse sorrel, marigold, dock, and poppy. She was careful as she snipped the plants from their stems.

The desert doctor heard a commotion up ahead and decided to investigate. Her eye widened in surprise as she saw Exposed fighting the man who succeeded her. She did have a curling in her stomach as the woman roared at the man for trying to rape her son. That was an offense that she agreed was a horrible offense. She would even condone death in response for it.

The healer didn't know if the former Queen was fighting because it was a despicable act or if it was because it was towards her son. But, the demon at least had something in her that the woman agreed with.

Audition was always on for Rodrigo and it alerted him of a newcomer. "Who are you?" the beast snarled.

It didn't take an Investigator to see the similarities between the male and Exposed. The same sightless eyes and demeanor. The monochrome medic dipped her head and held her tail low and her ears at half mast.

"Avinalora, Botanist of Havok," the moonlit jackal replied. She smelled blood. "I am capable of healing, sir."

PP'ing Rodrigo in my post because he my character

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RE: Come to me


This isn't something we like to do, but in the interests of taking Havok off of hold, we asked Akr what Exposed plans to do because she has been too busy to post. RL is rough!

Exposed intends to kill Mako, thus Adrian is freed of being a hostage as he is now the sole King of Havok. Please proceed as if Mako has been killed by Exposed.

Thank you all for your patience!

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Havok King
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RE: Come to me

It only takes one spark

He maintained himself silent as all went through. He didn't want to intrude on her mother's fight. Anything he wanted to said was going to be save after it was settled. And with cold eyes , cold eyes without emotions he watched as her mother kicked the mutt's ass. He should haven't give him that second chance, they weren't supposed to show mercy to those dumb enough to think they could play with them. With the Lebraid. He felt patethic , with his ass saved by his mother. But all she knew was that this was the last time he would give second chances. Next time he wouldn't be as lenient. And today he would become the king, the only one and one everyone will know. Adrian was going to make sure Havok would be even greater than what it was now. He wished to erase any mistake the old man brought to their home.

Upon the male's death. He narrowed his eyes upon the fallen , with hate. That was what one could get after messing with them. His first and last mistake was to think he would follow those nasty proposals. Now way he would bed with someone he hated so much. He would rather eat shit than doing such thing, with him at least. But anyways , the trash was taken out now, and that mean the way to his throne was cleaned up. He stood up , being ready to take on the mantle of king. Something he had wanted since the first seasons of life.

OC: Let me know if there is anything I should change of add.

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RE: Come to me

(This post was last modified: 03-08-2020, 07:45 AM by Naree. Edited 1 time in total.)


Naree’s gaze was glued to the chaos ensuing in front of her. Her mind telling her to look away before it escalated, but her body not allowing her to. The two opponents were vicious, going for the kill bite after bite, blood beginning to slather the ground and their pelts. Then, as quickly as it had started, it was done. The result being the males body laying lifeless at her gramother’s feet. She should have screamed, panicked, ran away, like Any other kid would have. But instead, a quiet growl rumbled in her chest as she narrowed her eyes at the older males lifeless body in disgust. “Serves him right.” She murmured quietly, her words intending to fall upon her father’s ears. Though as the moments passed, the girl’s eyes widened in sudden realization. That male had pronounced her father co-king with him, but now he was dead. Looking to her father, a hopefully, yet strangely dark, smile spread across her maw. “Father.....You’ve got your throne now.” She mused, her ears twitching atop her head. Pride swelled in her chest as she looked upon the new king. This was her father now, and he was officially a king. While that was great and all, it meant she herself was a princess, did it not?
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OOC: I apologize if it’s not my turn, there’s a lot of people in this thread so I tried to go back and make sure it actually was my turn, but I’m just really not sure anymore. XD

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