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Festival Fertility Feast
Spring Year 11

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RE: Fertility Feast

Forseti absently watched the arrivals of more creatures, noting each individuals difference in species. The lioness nodded at her words, remembering what she had planned to talk about those few days ago. "The realm is still young, holding meetings to decide it's future should start earlier than later." She said, before quickly turning away to draw her tongue over her mouth to clean off the blood. "On that, I do wish to speak to you on the basis of mine position, and the few proposals I have. Later, within our land's borders with the rest of council present?" She suggested to the queen. Moments after the words left, the duke arrived with a child. She tilted her head, studying more than in confusion. Emerald eyes looked over the large wolf and the cub, trying to figure the relationship. Was Perses the father to this girl? The gift of a stranger species child wasn't new to the lioness, knowing Syuna's ways. She wondered who could be the mother, and Akeela came as her first suspect. A tiger cub that shared some similarity with Perses and being the species of her queen, it couldn't be far-fetched. Regardless, assuming the parents wrong was rude and she didn't wish to ponder on that subject more than she needed to. Rather, figuring out who the child is in general was far more important. "May I ask who is this little lady you have brought here with us, Perses?" She asked, though her question was towards the male, she only bared a glance at him to stare directly at the little girl.

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RE: Fertility Feast


In the storm a lady stands tall.
Her focus was on the gray wolf but she did not miss what was happening around because of that. The only thing worth taking note of was that Vox had found someone to talk too in the form of the Burt young lioness they had talked to some time back.

The she wolf seemed friendly but she had expected at least some common courtesy at an event like this. She gave a brief smile. "yes. it is rather pleasant. I do enjoy such sosial gatherings." She said sitting down. "Have you been to this type of event before?" she said keeping the conversation going. Using gentle questions to learn about her conversation partner. "The name is Emira Canterus"

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RE: Fertility Feast

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary,
great minds with the ordinary.

Having made sure that he had eaten a goodberry, the snow leopard traveled toward the north. He wasn't intending on going up into the north. The farthest that he deemed necessary to go was the divine lands. There was no real reason for it. He supposed that he just wanted to see what the rest of the upper world had to offer. It wasn't like he had to be stationary his entire life. He wanted to know what sort of things that outside world offered. He didn't always want to be stuck in stasis. He wasn't moving forward but he wasn't going backward either. He was merely at status quo and that wasn't right.

He was a young adult. Shouldn't he be out exploring and learning more about himself? But at the same time, Pascal thought he had a pretty good grasp on who he was. And who he wanted to be. He looked up to his mother. It was one of the biggest reasons why he had adapted most of her way of living. He didn't eat meat, sustaining himself on the magic that he possessed. When he had been younger, it had been on his mother's magic.

He came into a gathering of others that mingled with each other. He could see that there was food scattered around. Meat of several different varieties and fruits scattered about. Pascal blinked as he saw that there were several groups of creatures that were conversing. Not wanting to intrude on a conversation that he had no part in, Pascal lingered on the outskirts. It wasn't because he was shy. Pascal had never been one to huddle in on himself. Even when he had been a young cub, he'd been open and ready to meet anyone that wished to talk to him. As it was, as a young adult, he hadn't really changed much. He just figured that he didn't desire to be rude to interject himself on an already established conversation.

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RE: Fertility Feast

If Akeela was going off to enjoy herself at this event thing, Fang might as well too. Slowly but surely he trailed behind, making sure that she wasn't going to be attacked by that shadow thief; not that he could do much, but - still - it was the thought that counted. Crackle emanated from his paws with each step he took, his inherited electrical power becomeing more and more evident. He was alerted of this not very long ago on their trek to the Great Tree, internally hating and loving it at the same time. The scar on the side of his neck was caused by electrical magic and therefore had become afraid of it, but it was still a part of him; a piece of who he was. Fang swore to his younger brother who also shuddered at the prowess that it wasn't terrible or scary to own. He was going to master thunder and lightning if it was going to be the death of him.

He paused as he saw the collection of animals slowly form in front of his hazel and blue eyes. Fang was not very good at social interactions. This reminded his of the gatherings of all the packs back in his homeland - wolves from all corners brought their finest kills and herbs and knowledge to hobnob and have a good time. Girls would walk up to him and flirt because of how cool and aloof he was. Now, he could only expect fearful glares as he approached the table, not interacting with anyone directly. He watched as members of his new pack, including a small white tiger child, fell in together, enjoying in one another's company. The scarred man offered a smile to them as his eyes wandered the surface, eyeballing and assortment of seafood. He had seen such odd meats before; they smelled absolutely repulsive at the time, but after the incident, Fang felt he could at least try the shelled creature known as "crab". He bows to his Alphena (read "Queen"), placed his crustacean on a teal blanket, and pulls it closer to the clutch of his people.


OOC⟶ Fang nods to Akeela and drag a blanket within proximity, but directly interacts with no-one, keeping a protective eye on the crowd
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RE: Fertility Feast

The young Tigress had been watching the others around the feast, her blue eyes taking in everything around her. At the sound of a different voice, the voice that belonged to the Lioness her head turned and she stopped her gaze on the Priestess. Locking her eyes onto the Lioness she frowned deeply, what was this lion looking at.

"May I ask who is this little lady you have brought here with us, Perses?"

The words spoken by the Priestess were directed at Perses but the eyes of the lion were on her. Her tail tip twitched. She could speak for herself, why was this beast asking Perses and staring at her. Not taking her eyes off of the lion she spoke in a blunt manner;

"My name is Anastasia. Perses found me and took me in because I was to young to be alone, that is how and why I am here." while here tone was blunt there was no disrespect in her voice or gaze. She also didn't feel the need to explain why she had been alone. She moved her eyes from the Priestess and watched as another wolf appeared, dragging with him a blanket and a crab. Was he apart of the Legion as well..?


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RE: Fertility Feast

Inga did not miss the rigid posture of her friend. It confused her as Hyo Sonn had not done that last time. Perhaps she didn't like large groups? She didn't seam nervous so she didn't really know. It wasn't that important as long as her friend was happy. If the purr between her words was anything to go by that was the case.

She smiled wider when her friend asked her how she was doing. She was proud of the simplest things. She knew how difficult it could be to say anything in a language you where still learning. To just say what you can as good as you are able. Inga had struggled with it when she first began learning a second language. But then she had always had another language to fall back on. "I am very good." She began. Giving it a moment before she spoke again. "How are you?"

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RE: Fertility Feast


Hyo Sonn:
The Cheetah listened for her friend's response and once more was thankful with the way that Inga spoke as it made things way easier for her to follow and understand. Her heart warmed when she heard that Inga was doing good and then asked how she was. The female was silent for a long moment, running the words in her house before it clicked and found the words she was looking for.

"I am... good." she responded with a chirp, her sightless eyes lighting up. It felt good to be back near Inga, to be near her friend and be able to have a conversation with the woman - even if it was a choppy one.


The lioness twitched an ear awkwardly before nodding towards Vox. Sitting down she glanced around her, there were many other creatures here. Her eyes rested momentarily on Emira before she looked back to Vox.

"Well enough I suppose... What is it for?" she asked and once more let her eyes look around her. Discomfort made her shift slightly and her ears laid backwards. She noted there was a lot of adults and the idea of being near them made her twitch. "Are you enjoying the festival?" she asked, guessing she should be cordial as well.

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Hyo Sonn is blind.
She also speaks mainly Korean, her English is rather poor and she can only understand bits and pieces.


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RE: Fertility Feast

Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios


Kallisto was following the call, a very loud voice, of course. It had echoed across the lands, she figured. What else could do that besides a god? Maybe there were gods there. As she breached the tree line, she noticed all the animals and became even more confused. What was happening here? A frown crossed her face as she scanned all the creatures that were present when her eyes landed upon the Queen, Akeela. A huff would leave her mouth as she picked up the pace, attempting to come to a stop only about a foot from her before she gave a glance to the others and a dip of her head in greetings. "Queen Akeela, Lord Perses, Priestess Foresti." The name was only remembered of the priestess from the creation of the Legion. That was about it. She would let her butt drop to the ground as she looked around and then to the table of food. It was definitely a very peculiar sight.

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RE: Fertility Feast

Idun Dame Fritjov

Rules are made to be broken!

The young lady walked around the event, and the event she was attending for the first time. And as such an immense wave of excitement and expectations burst within her chest. She was an adult, but it didn't mean she had to act like one all the time right? She didn't wish to give away her inner child just yet, she wished to enjoy it as long as she was able to and no one will stop her. And there she darted herself forward spotting all the food placed upon the tables and mantles. Smirking, the girl would stare at those already there. All were mere strangers, and thus potential victims for maybe one or two planks, she just needed to pick up the right subject. But maybe that could wait. Seeing that amount of food woke up her hunger. And with a carefree walk, she attempted to approach an apparently lonely table, with the meat of all types. Caring little about who could be watching she ripped off a good portion of meat from a cooked boar. And calmly she would start to feed herself ignoring whoever could be there. And maybe after her meal, she may pick on someone.

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