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All Welcome New ways to go.

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New ways to go.

Nala rested under a tree,hear making her stay in a single place without daring to move. In moments like this, she internally hated to be dark of pelt, such thing made heat be worse for her. Making of her a magnet for the heat. Eyes closed and mouth slightly open as she panted, trying to keep her body fresh even if it appeared to be a complete failure.

Legs were spread as she lied on her side. With her head placed over the dry soul underneath. What could she do? Funnily , despite how hot it was her skin was cold at touche due to Chill . She wished to go somewhere else and escape the sun, but where? Where in this plain savanna could she get the so needed shelter? She sat up , to scan the area in the research of promising place to rest.

The she spotted a rock formation of considerable size. Quickly she trotted forward , with that fierce determination she always had. Then she placed herself under it , and a huff of satisfaction escaped her lips.

Stock from Hotnstocks of DA

Nala wears a silver chain around her neck. It was a gift from Leonard for her in
THIS thread.
| She also got a Silver Ring, which contains the necromancy element.


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