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All Welcome Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers

Akeela Dusk
She walks. | "She talks." | ‘She thinks.’

Cool dusk air turned warm and muggy as Akeela walked through unknown territory. The woman had decided to travel through some of the more southern parts of the land for today, as she hadn’t gotten a chance to explore many of them. Though, the one she found herself in had her ears twitching atop her head in perplexity. It was a type of forest, but it seemed every surface had a different type of fungi attached to it. Mosses covered the ground, making her steps soft and quiet, the feeling of the moist foliage squishing between her toes making her maw wrinkle slightly. Though, as she walked, her paw steps would soon be interrupted by something hard and uneven beneath her left forepaw. Lifting the single foot that felt the object, the woman would discover a bracelet. Looking around, she saw no one who could have dropped it, and upon giving it a sniff she smelled nothing but the damp ground around it. Whoever lost it hadn’t been here in a long while. Shrugging, she would slip her paw carefully through the woven leather coils, closely examining its turquoise beads. It was a rather pretty piece of jewelry, it matched her cyan eye, much like her crown matched her lavender one. Smiling to herself, she continued on her walk, her eyes scanning the terrain in both curiosity and alertness. As she walked she kept peeking down at her new accessory, making sure it wouldn’t fall off, and was pleased to find the bracelet fit near perfectly, it’s coils allowing just enough room for ample wrist movement, but not enough give for it to fall off freely.

{Fire 0/3 | Metal 0/2 | Electricity 0/2 | Dart 0/2 | Investigator | Legend Lore}

OOC: Using a free elemental jewelry (character specific for Akeela) from my unused items, this bracelet contains electric magic lvl 1

She wears a silver and purple circlet, with a large amethyst set in silver antlers and a corded leather bracelet with turquoise beads and a silver band on her right forepaw.

She has this mark beside her right eye in the color #ee4e97 in result of her blessing from Syuna.


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RE: Finders Keepers

Perses hadn't been in these lands before. He padded through mossy lands, his Companion summoned and on his back. He wasn't sure about being alone in unknown lands. But, when he scented Akeela, he sped up.

The carmine-eyed titan saw the tigress, seeing her putting on a bracelet. He padded over. The beast greeted the Queen with a dip of his head.

"My Queen," he addressed her. The carmine-eyed titan studied the bracelet. Could it contain magic?

Abaddon studied the Queen again. What was she like?

"How have things been?" The red-eyed Lord knew that they haven't spoken in a while like this.

OOC⟶ Sorry for the crappy post!
Psychic: 0/5 | Earth: 0/5 | Water: 0/8
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Lucky: ∞ | Eidetic Memory: ∞ | Investigator:
Stock from windfuchs@DA | Background by Virgolinedancer1@DA | Texture by Sirius-sdz | Texture by PaulineMoss@DA

Perses wears a black leather collar with a raven pendant

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