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Private [FF] {Nashad & Lucien} A Basket Full of Laughs

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[FF] {Nashad & Lucien} A Basket Full of Laughs


Abraxas was trying to adventure outside the kingdom lands more. But, it gave him a lot of anxiety to do so. It seemed the farther that he walked away from the lands, the more the anxiety built. Though, was it really farther from the lands, or farther from Nashad and Lucien? Honestly if they were here now, he was positive that the anxiety would melt away. They made him feel safe.

He was out of the kingdom lands though, to look for ingredients for his craft. With the handle of a basket from the kingdom firmly held in his mouth. Abraxas wanted to make some incense for Lucien and Nashad. He was unsure if Nashad still had the ones that he made so long ago, though surely they must have been used up by now. It had been… two years. Two years since he had given those incense to Nashad and two years since that other man had hurt him. He tried hard not to think about it, but that was probably where the current anxiety was coming from. He wasn’t at the field of blankets right now though, right now… he was in a land full of flowers, shrubbery, and trees galore. But what if Sirus found him here? What if he followed him from the Kingdom? What if… ”Stop… with the what ifs…” Abraxas mentally scolded himself. He knew just thinking about the bad possibilities would create anxiety, it could induce panic.

Standing in the middle of a marble pathway, Abraxas placed the basket down and mentally sighed. He should really have invited Nashad and Lucien to go with him. That would be rude though, asking them to come with him, to gather the ingredients to help make their presents. Besides he should try to be brave. No sooner did the thought come to mind, a loose branch fell out of a tree nearby, landing loudly on the marble pathway a few feet behind him.

The suddenness, and loudness of the noise scared Abraxas, causing him to jump and instantly use Shift changing himself into a fennec fox, and surprisingly somehow landing himself right inside the basket.

His heart beating rapidly, he curled himself tightly in the basket. Taking a moment to look around he realized that he jumped because of a branch. Well that’s embarrassing. "... Good thing no one saw that.” At least no one that he could see of the bat. He remained curled inside the basket, wanting to wait for his heart to stop racing. Soon... he could get back to his flower picking.

stock from Jimmy Edmonds

oc. Abraxas is in Shift as an 8 inch tall 2.5 lb male Fennec Fox.


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