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All Welcome Bloodied snow

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Bloodied snow

She wasn't sure what had made her travel to the tundra again. She didn't have her winter coat anymore so it was a bit cold even by her standards. Did she miss home. Her old home that was. The answer was yes, always. She missed it dearly but did not wish to return. She loved her life now but she was allowed a little homesickness now and then. So perhaps that was why she found herself among the snow again. There was no wind and snow feel gently around her as she simply walked. Taking in the quiet peaceful landscape that hid dangers that claimed anyone not being careful. Like the mother of the young feline she had found here some time back. She summoned her Water MinkCurious to see if it's water ability could work on snow. She didn't think so but it didn't hurt to try. The Mink ran around and played in the snow for a bit but didn't do anything else. It struggled to keep up with her in the snow so she dispelled it. She continued on her walk.

As she walked her mind began to wander back home again and all the love in her family. But also to the bad.To the stories of hatred towards her people. Of calfs taken from there mothers to be raised the "right" way. Of culture lost in the trows of hate. A silence battle that claimed life's. Of the days in his youth that his grandfather never spoke off. Of world said by youth with no ill will that still stung. Of her peoples stories being talked about like it was noting. Like it was in the past only.Of the fear she held every time she said what she was even now. It was not a powerful fear but it was there. A constant part of her.

Tears began to flow. It hurt in a way others could not understand. She began to speak to herself in sami. The language of her people. "What did we do to have such horrible things happen. It was all so pointless. Ignorant people working in the name of god. If the God commanded it he is not my god. Why couldn't they just leave us be?" Perhaps the worst part was that there was no one the blame. At least no one alive.

She did not notice but she summoned her Spramina for the first time. The beast looked at it's master in tears. She didn't like it. She just didn't know how to stop it. She was a beast of battle and blood not comfort. She too spoke in sami."Stop the tears! I will not stand for it. " She said firmly and a bit more aggressive than she had hoped to be.

Inga look at the sudden words spotting the wolverine and freezing. That was her natural enemy. The beast that killed and kept them strong. She wanted to run for it was what nature had grained in her. Still she stood only then noticing the language it had used. Sami! It spoke her language! "Who are you and what do you want? " She asked frightened and confused.

The beast chuckled and gave a grin. "You can call me Jàpmin and I am yours. I will not let harm come to you." The warrior spoke her words firm.

Inga blinked ones then twice before her brain managed to figure out what all this meant. The wolverine was her companion she had to be. That had to be what I am yours meant. The chose of name was odd. Meaning death, but then that was what wolverines was to her people. She didn't know some companions could speak out loud but there was one way to be sure. She spoke to Japmin using telepathy "Can you here me?"

Japmin nodded giving another filled with teeth and sent shivers down her masters spine. But she didn't notice. Then she spoke back with telepathy of her own. "Loud and clear."

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OOC ⟶The entire conversation takes place in sami
Light: 0/3 | Anima: 3/6 | Earth: 0/2 |Silence: 0/1 |Reenact: 0/1 |Compass |Eidetic Memory

Image from Pixabay | Texture by Frostbo@DA | Table by Silverfrost


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