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All Welcome {Randavae} Strangers

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{Randavae} Strangers

Anastasia had decided to stay within the Legion's camp this time. She was growing bored and wishing to stretch her paws and thought that she would end up pressing the borders if she went out, so she decided to stay in this time. The young tiger child was stretched out along the ground, a sunbeam hitting her white pelt. It was nice to be warm, it was nice to have sun and feel the heat coming from it's rays. Her eyes were slitted, just barely open, and her breathing was calm and could appear as if she were fast asleep when in reality she was listening very closely to the noises going around in the camp. The young child craved to do something new, learn something new and part of her wondered if she could practice the hunting skills that the she-wolf, Iris, had taught her.

As the thought crossed her mind the cub opened her eyes and scrambled to her paws. She would summon her little fire newt and practice with him. Surely the little creature would not mind the game, right.. Well, it wasn't a game she was going to hunt it. The cub twitched an ear and wondered if she should find something else to practice on or if the little Newt would suffice. The thought that she could hurt it or kill it did not cross her mind as death was something that was natural and if the Newt could be summoned by magic and then commanded to burst into flames by the summoner then did the newt actually die or was it just something that could be replaced over and over and over again. Did the newt die when it ignited or did it live.. This was something else she could ask Akeela or Perses, one of them might know about it... Ana then shrugged her shoulders and decided on summoning the little creature. Focusing she Summoned the little Newt and when it appeared the little creature scuttled towards her and looked up at her expectantly.

"Now look here you, you are magic and so since I do not believe you can die I will practice hunting you. the cub told it and lowered her nose towards it. "It will not hurt much, not more than bursting into flames I suppose. the cub finished before stepping away from it and dropping into a clumsy crouch. Frowning she sat up, something was odd. The crouch did not feel right.

Once more she fell into the crouch and moved her legs and shifted her weight until the crouch felt right to her. Rolling her shoulders she grinned, pleased with herself and sat up. "Okay you, go over there and turn your back towards me and pretend you do not know what I am going to do." she told the newt and watched as the little newt scuttled away towards where it's master indicated and faced away.

good newt she thought to herself before dropping back into her crouch and began to stalk forwards towards her newt, slowly.. Slowly...


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