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All Welcome Fruits of ones labor

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Fruits of ones labor

Paws carried the striped woman through the forest, her eyes scanning the terrain around her. It all felt so surreal, this was The Legions home, it had been for months. Even after all that time the woman found herself looking around at what she had built, with the help of all Its members, and stared in awe. The dream she had carried with her since she was a cub, had finally became her reality. As she walked, static would activate without her knowledge, waiting to give anyone who touched her a crackling zap. Akeela padded along the borders, scent marking as she went, refreshing the strong scent that marked the edge of the legions home land. She hadn’t done it recently, and could smell the borders scent fading ever so slightly. Her mind wandered as she went about her task, thinking of her mate, her realm members, and ideas of what the realm may evolve into in the near future. She hoped for it to grow, and it had, though they were still a fairly small group. At some point she hoped to claim another patch of land for the realm, give them some diversity in their territory. However they didn’t have enough Knights for her to feel comfortable with that yet, she wanted to make sure any land they owned would be well defended.


OOC⟶ Any legion member welcome, or rouges at the border.
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RE: Fruits of ones labor

Perses padded through the woods. He had his Companion on his shoulders. The beast wanted to continue his duty. He knew they didn't have many Knights and he wanted to help out. So the beast walked close to the borders, marking them. The beast was large and he walked with purpose.

The carmine-eyed titan caught sight of Akeela. The beast dipped his head towards her as he attempted to walk five feet away from her, parallel to her. Abaddon looked at her with the unsettling red eyes he possessed.

"My Queen," the red-eyed Lord greeted her as he came close. "How are you?" the beast asked. He was unsure of what to talk about. So he started with a neutral question.

OOC⟶ Hope you don't mind me <3

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RE: Fruits of ones labor

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The great snapping of branches and the trampling of undergrowth could be heard as bulf clumsily approached the pair. He speaks to himself in ugnaric as he walks, with solemnity and deepness. [This place may not be my home or really fit to accomodate me, but it has kind, like-minded people and planty of food, with little to concern me with.] His massive bulk made it difficult for him to move through the dense forest.

He stopped his lone patrol around the border as he noticed them, and dipped his already lowered head towards each of them, almost grazing his chin upon the ground. His horns came down with each bow, although dangerous, did not harm anybody. His large frame shifts as he sat upon his hind legs, elevating his horned head. His icy blue eyes gazing at them with respect and gratitude. He speaks in English, in a deep and uncertain tone as he faces akeela ‘Thank you... for your... kindness.’ ‘This place is... beaut-i-ful’, the last word broken into syllables and said with great uncertainty.
OOC: hope you don’t mind me dropping in.

Bulf speaks a language only upholded by his tribe of furry rhinos, this language is called Ugnaric, handed down through the generations since the ice age, along with the names of creatures that prowled there. Being adapted to colder climates, bulf knows little of creatures that live in modern day warmer climes, he will regularly confuse modern species with extinct ones he was told about by elders, whom were told by theirs.
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