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All Welcome Dreams for a better tomorrow

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Dreams for a better tomorrow

Adrian Grennian Lebraid

"You'll never know what hit you
Won't see me closing in
I'm gonna make you suffer"

Adrian crossed his borders in order to explore a nearby land. A land that on its time belonged to his father. And talking about him, where did he go? Did he gave up on them? Did he wanted something else? He may will never know , and if one could ask him he would certainly say he didn't care. He didn't care. As a child he was indeed worried, he felt sad and scared of what could had heppened to his sire. And as he walked , eyes were cold but beyond his skin , nostalgic he was. Feeling some hints of sadness. Wondering if he would ever see him again. Whatever was the reasons he felt confused and like if he failed them. But non, he was a king now. He couldn't let his feelings blind his judgement. He now had a realm over his shoulders. A realm that he wanted to grow and make it the start of the empire he always wanted.

He sighed as he tried to wipe out those thoughts. His father left , and thus he wasn't his family anymore. If he had the enough will to abandon them, he disregarded him. And now as a king, he wouldn't make sure to show him what he would do, what he will become. No one will ever disregard Adrian, from now one he would make everyone see who the new boss is. Adrian Lebraid would bring a new power, a new sunrise to Yavania.

text. "speech."

Art by lovely Raton

Due to his heavy swearing and mature speech his to be [M] and with this his thoughts and actions doesn't reflect his roleplayer's


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