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All Welcome The Mind Consumes All Thought

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The Mind Consumes All Thought

Sauska was exploring the lands in their female form using disguise. It just felt natural to them, to be able to flip flop between genders whenever they felt the need. Though it seemed this new magic had it’s limits on quick switching back and forth. A pity really. Sauska remembered their past clearly… somewhat painfully, the people from back when, their magic, the temple keepers. Zababa. Their old… frienemy? Loved to hate them? Loved to dislike them? He was in all senses their childhood friend. Sauska was a stickler in most ways with rules, Zababa was chaotic, always breaking them. Such a troublemaker. Though he always secretly made Sauska laugh.

Looking back on their past... Zababa was probably bored of the small sheltered temple life and was causing trouble as a way to entertain himself, and Sauska. Honestly looking back, Zababa’s one way love was endearing… in its own way. It was also incredibly infuriating how persistent he was. Had their little world not been like it was back when… had they allowed blessed ones to mate… things may have happened between them. Was he just as lost as they were now? Had he lived past his second year? Had he made it out of those lands alive?

It had been… years since they had seen him. They paused their walking to close their eyes for a moment, sending a quiet prayer his way. Just… in case he survived. They should really pray for him more often. Just… just in case. Things, were so different outside the temple walls. It had been around two years, however, Sauska felt as though they had gained little knowledge about how this new world worked. Perhaps they had been stuck in the past mentally for a long time. Not ready to move on.

How selfish of them. To not accept reality.

Incredibly stupid and selfish to wish to go back in time. They had met a few people since arriving the lands, however, mostly Sauska just kept to themselves. Quiet as ever. Not shy, just… not knowing what to do. They needed guidance… to figure out the world, maybe learn to do something, feel useful. Have… a purpose. Perhaps they could ask the people they come across some questions. Figure things out that way.

Opening their eyes finally they took a look around, not recognizing their environment. Moss covered hills, wet soil, green colors as far as their eyes could see. Had… they been so consumed in their own head they forgot to pay attention? Well… this was not good. They were lost.

oc note: Sauska is in their female form which looks exactly like their male. (except for obvious gender features)


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