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Private (Alastor) Soteria Help Him!

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(Alastor) Soteria Help Him!

Opal Chronis-Grimm

Another day in the Golden Savannah, Soteria's blessed lands. As time went by after the day that she officially crafted her newfound goddess in her mind, Opal started to add depth to her diety. 'Soteria' was the sun kissed child's way of comforting herself. Something to put a smile on her face.

Trotting along, Opal spotted a tree in the distance near some of the golden tall grass, or Soteria's fur as she would call it. In the summer, the best solace from the heat other than water was the shade of a tree. It was odd having free time to herself, usually, Opal preferred to surround herself with family, well not so much Alastor.

After hearing about her brother's condition, she found herself to be very conflicted as to how to feel about her cruel brother. Deep down she did love him, but she did felt a bit envious, and angered by him. Because of his 'disease', Papa paid alot of attention to him, and Alastor wasn't even that nice! He got to be so mean and rude, but everyone was always thinking about him. Opal knew it was horrible to think such thoughts, but the little girl couldn't help it.

If only Soteria could help her, help Alastor more like it.

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